ND5XS and Roon, UPnP Bridges, Sonore, LMS etc!

Why don’t Naim just send out an update for our expensive streaming devices for Roon endpoint! Are they going to ?

Probably not as the ND5XS (and NDX/NDS) are discontinued products. Naim did update them as much as they could through the product lifetime to add new services. Ultimately though, the new streaming board in the later players has upped the game again and added Roon endpoint capability amongst other services. As you mention, there are other ways of adding Roon capability to the older platforms.

They are still sending out updates for the ND5XS, I got one this year. Its not that much of a code update for Roon!

Same way they “fit Roon endpoint code” into a ND5XS2.

If you think they can just shove the Roon code onto the same units that run those aging Bridgeco streaming boards and expect it to work flawlessly I think you are being a bit Naïve.

I see Naim have a vacancy for a Principal Software Engineer.

Maybe the OP should apply?

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