ND5XS channel drop out

While listening this morning i suddenly lost sound out of my left speaker. System is an ND5XS into a nait xs with non-Naim power supplies. After a bit of trial and error the problem seems toe be the left channel from the din output on the ND5XS (I’ve got a din to phono plug which works for both channels from the rca outputs on the ND5XS into a din input on the xs amp). Is this likely to be a relay failure in the ND5XS? If the RCA’s keep working ok I’ll just leave like this but wondered if there was something going on that I hadn’t tried.

Should have also said that I tried another din cable between ND5XS and xs with same result so don’t think it’s the cable that’s the problem.

If you are still under warranty I wouldn’t have mentioned unauthorised power supplies…:thinking:

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I’m not the first owner and the unit is just over 5 years old

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