Nd5xs Network Dropouts

Hi, I have a serious problem with my ND5XS, which is dropping out of my WiFi network regularly, every 10 mins. It says “no network” and the connection is gone, I have to reconnect manually by pressing the “ok list” button. It is awkward, as I have the MuSo2515 working in the same network almost perfectly. I use a Fritz!Box 6590 cable 5GHz. Both devices are not more than 6 feet away from the router. This happens both when streaming directly over the router (tidal), and when using the muso as Master in multiroom-mode. Is the ND5XS outdated…?

The ND5 XS has been discontinued, but it should still work as well as it did before, which was always a bit uncertain on WiFi. As the unit is so close to the router, you could temporarily (or even better permanently) connect the ND5XS to the router with an ethernet cable. You can buy it very cheaply on the usual internet sites.

Note the ND5XS won’t work at all on 5GHz WiFi. The ND5 XS2 is a much better performer on WiFi incidentally.



Thanks David for the prompt answer. I’ll consider switching to the nd5xs2. In the meantime I’ll connect the devices with an Ethernet cable. Best, Michael

It’s not that that ND5XS is broken - on the contrary. It just works better with a LAN connection, rather than via WiFi.

Panie Adamie, Tak jest… niestety. I ain’t gotta choice, other than connecting it via lan cable, which is fine, but a little disappointing considering that I paid 1,5k eur for a device which was declared 100% WiFi compatible…

The WiFi works fine but not on 5GHz. I’ve streamed Tidal perfectly well with Wi-Fi on my ND5XS.

Try orienting your WiFi antenna horizontally instead of vertically. It helped me but I eventually went to Ethernet to avoid the aggravation.

As Metallica would sing in one of their tracks… Sad But True…

The WiFi implementation in the previous generation of ND streamers was not great. CAT 5 (or higher) connection is the preferred route for stabilty anyway.

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