ND5XS or Audiolab 6000N Play

I am planning to get a streamer.
I have Supernait 3 running Sopra 2.
I found a used ND5 XS.
I am also considering a new Audiolab 6000N Play which is half price of the used ND5 XS.

Does anybody have idea about these two streamers?

Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated.


You really need to looking at NDX2 level as a minimum to match the rest of your kit.

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Is this just a "toe in the water " excercise to see how you get on with streaming… or will this be a permanent addition?

I would not consider the original ND5XS a very strong performer, in addition to being old tech with limited online streaming options and connectivity. It’s successor, the ND5XS2 is quite an improvement, and a reasonable match for a Supernait if an NDX is over budget.

it’s not permanent…it’s to see how it goes…if I like it may be it can stay longer…

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Shouldn’t have to though really…

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