ND5XS switch analogue output to phono with no display

Good evening, the display on my ND5 XS failed recently. I was able to update firmware to V4.8 without the display. Now I would like to change analogue output from DIN to Phono (RCA). Can someone with ND5 XS and a working display provide me the key sequence on the remote to do that?
Thanks a lot and best regards from Switzerland!

I think the following will work:
Spanner button (settings)
Down four times (analogue outputs)
Ok (main out is already selected)
Down once (assuming this is set to Din, down once and you will highlight Phono)

And you should be done.

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Hi Nathan
Thanks for the prompt reply! Why do you say “Down four times”? Looking at the reference manual for NDX and ND5 XS the analogue output menu is the 2nd after Language and Input. Hence, I would expect down two times to reach the analogue output menu. Did Naim change the order of the menus?
Best - Stephan

On my ND5XS, which has the latest firmware, the list is:
Network Settings
Analogue Outputs
Digital Outputs
Front Display
Handset Keys
System Automation
Factory Settings

Perhaps just try Nathans suggestion?

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