ND5XS with Spotify

I have recently bought a ND5XS mainly for use with internet radio, but I’d quite like to investigate music on Spotify.

I have read the reference manual, but it doesn’t once mention Spotify.

I see the front panel lists Spotify when you scroll through inputs, do you need the Naim app to use Spotify, or can it be run from just the front panel?

If I need to use the Naim app, I note the Andriod version of the app does not list my streamer as a device to setup (it only lists Muso and Unity). Advice on that would be appreciated.

Hi dazzler,
Yes you need the app, I think it is “factory settings” in the nd5 xs you can confirm the network settings. Sounds like a network issue to me.


Are your streamer firmware and app both up to date?
You will need to get the Naim app working with your ND5, but you will need the Spotify app too. Naim use Spotify Connect, which allows you to use the Spotify app with a Naim streamer.
Spotify is great, but you might also consider Tidal as it has a lossless subscription which has better sound quality.

Don’t forget that you need Spotify premium, rather than just the free Spotify account.

This is correct. You must have a Premium or Family plan in order for streamer to connect to Spotify app.

Also, on iPhone you cannot upgrade to Spotify Premium or Family, you must go to a computer to make this upgrade. Weird.

I like Spotify because of all the playlists available, but prefer Tidal because of lossless high quality files. I’m paying for both atm

You can use the Spotify app on any computer on your network to play and control Spotify on your ND5XS, after you get the ND5XS logged into Spotify. Login is persistent.

You can even turn it on from outside your network, as the logged in nodes are stored at the Spotify service on the Web. Mixed blessing, that.


Thanks to all for your very useful comments. Just one more question left. When I open the Naim app on Andriod, on the setup screen, it only lists MUSO or Unity devices. Nowhere does it mention ND5XS. How do I setup the Naim app if it doesn’t list my streamer?

The list only includes current models, which is a bit confusing. What should happen, of course, is that the app should find all your Naim streamers automatically, but the other alternative is to add it manually. You will need to know its IP address.
Is the streamer firmware up to date?

Thanks for the tips. I will find out how I check my firmware and update if necessary. I have spoken too to Naim support who have given me some tips. even if it is not listed as a device on the app, it should come up in rooms, which it doesn’t. They recommend first that I connect with an Ethernet cable to get everything working before I go to wireless.

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