Nd5xs2 and BBC radio

Hi to all. I’m having a long standing problem with playing Radio 3 with my Naim streamer, it keeps dropping out and often then the app loses contact with ND5 requiring to be rebooted to reconnect.

This only happens with BBC radio and occurs even if I cast from the sounds app instead of using the internet radio in the focal/Naim app.

I have tried contacting Naim about this but they focus solely on my network, I use a a mains network adapter to connect via cable. This is very clearly not the problem because every thing else I play; other radio stations, streaming platforms, FLAC files on a NAS, plays without any interruption.

Any ideas would be welcome

It’ll be your mains network connection.

But you could prove it one way or the other by buying a long Ethernet cable and just laying that across the floor etc, connect your ND5 XS2 direct to your router that way.
Ethernet cables are cheap. You can buy anything from eBay for a few £s to prove the point.

Well known on this Forum for potentially causing issues. Testing with a long cable is a good idea. You could also try WiFi

You don’t say if you are in the U.K., but have you tried a new search for the BBC stations rather than trying to use one that was previously cached? The BBC have changed servers or formats or something and that can cause problems. I suspect though that it’s the ethernet over mains that’s causing the problem. It can lead to discovery issues and really is the spawn of Satan. Try running a cable as the others have suggested.

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Thanks to all for your replies. I will have a go with an Ethernet cable, but one question if it is the network why is nothing else including other (Uk) radio stations and hi res streaming affected.

Thanks again. - Steve

Can’t say at the moment. HH’s response previously may explain this, but like any issue its a matter of eliminating the obvious issues that stick out like a sore thumb.

Have a read of:

The minute I use YouTube my R3 connection also drops out .

Not sure my home network can handle HD audio and video at the same time

Same old chestnut.
I have Devolo 1200 and 500 series adapters for 7 years which work fine.
Yes I would use an ethernet cable if I could but it would require an external ethernet cable.
Also I have no noise.

My network which also uses an Asus sub-router runs 24/7/365 and the network is completely stable.
My Linn/Naim system works perfectly all the time and every time.

I think your issues are elsewhere and if other radio stations are OK it maybe to do with caching of old BBC addresses as suggested.

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