Nd5xs2 connection to new wi-fi router

I’m using my nd5xs2 through wi-fi for over a year now.Today I have replaced my old Wi-Fi router and can’t get my streamer working with new router in place.My app can not find streamer.I can see constant purple signal light on front panel of nd5xs2. Tried restarting everything,but nothing changes.Router is working fine and all other devices are already connected to it.
Anybody had similar problem?What should I do?

The streamer may be hanging on to the old IP address. Have you tried a factory reset of it? Hopefully how to do that is in the instructions.

Do you have a computer? If you do, is the streamer visible on the network? If it is visible does it let you access the ND5XS2 internal web page where you can change the network settings? If not a factory reset using a paperclip in the pinhole on the rear of the unit should sort it out

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Thanks,guys! Problem is solved by simply resetting to factory settings and then creating new device.As simple as that!

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Did it delete all of your playlists? Only asking as I am about to change my router.

Unlikely as your Playlists are stored by your streaming platform in your account.

I was kind of surprised but all my radio stations selection stayed unchanged.That was a great relieve;)

Playlists are stored in the app rather than on the streamer, assuming they are created on the app and not your server. The only way you would lose them is by deleting the app from the iOS or Android device they are stored on.

Is that no what I said?

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