ND5XS2 Digital Output S/PDIF format


I’m just playing with an ND5XS2 and I notice that when using its BNC digital output there are two options available:

  1. PCM
  2. Native

Does anyone know the difference between the two and which option works best with the nDac ?


Hi @mattl

The nd5xs2 is capable of playing dsd files and also playing pcm based material upto 384kHz.

The SPDIF interface is only capable of supporting upto 192kHz.

When set to native the system will aim to give the original audio data, with assumption the dac can play it. Playing dsd using the DOP standard is not that common.

When set to pcm then the streamer ensures everything played fits into the capabilities of a 192kHz capable pcm dac.

In the case of nDAC set it to native, unless you plan to play tracks that are beyond 192kHz or DSD128.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director

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Thanks for the reply - appreciate the info

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