ND5XS2 DIN issues

ND5XS2->DIN (standard Naim supplied) → SN3 → Dali Opticon 6 speakers
My streamer stopped producing sound. Turns on and connects to the internet. My turntable played fine (RCA inputs)
(The streamer turned on and off by itself earlier today which I thought was odd…)

I found an old pair of RCA cables connected them up and the system began playing again, although less satisfactory sound. Had me worried.
While the RCA was connected, I switched back to DIN via App and there’s output again and it sounds like it did yesterday.
Not sure what to make of this. Read about the relay issue but does that correct itself?? I have not performed a reset.

Sorry should have mentioned
The streamer and Amp are 3 months old. I added a Hi Cap one month ago.

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