ND5XS2 flashing orange light

As per the title of the post, the orange light is flashing on the front of my ND5XS2. According to the support site that means it is trying to establish a network connection, but the device web page says it is connected, and it is playing internet radio, tracks from my NAS and Qobuz quite happily so it certainly appears to be connected to my network, so why the flashing orange light?

Have you tried a total power down for a few minutes then switch on again?
Oh, and wireless or cat cable?

Of the ND5XS2 yes and that made no difference, maybe I need to do the same on the router and mesh system. Using Wi-Fi as Ethernet is not a practical option in the room at the moment

I’ve powered down the router, mesh system and ND5XS2 and brought them back up one by one. Everything is working on the streamer but still the orange flashing light persists. How odd.

I’ve also given the streamer a new IP address and that shows up in both the device web page and a LAN scan on my phone. So the new IP address has stuck but still the orange flashing light???

ND5XS2 only has one light that is usually solid green. Today for some reason yet to be determined it is flashing orange regardless of whether anything is playing and everything appears to be working normally.

EDIT: The post that this one was in reply to seems to have disappeared.

There was another post a few weeks ago from someone with this issue. Probably worth telling Naim support so that they can investigate.

Odd. Have you physically disconnected the ND5xs2 from the mains?
Read somewhere that there are 2 ways to shutdown. The standby and a full shutdown.
Anyway, removing the power for a minute should be the same as a full shutdown.

Unplugging it from the mains for a few minutes seems to have cured it. Back to a solid green light


If it happens again it could signal critical mass and an impending time vortex.

So, short of pulling the plug, what is the correct way to properly switch off a ND5XS2? ( Rather than leaving it on standby)

Well that’s the thing, I have mine set not to go in to standby and it just changed from solid green to flashing orange all by itself. I didn’t push the power switch on the front, so it seems like the only way to fully power it down is to pull the plug out. One thing that I find a little surprising is that there is no option in the device web page to reboot the device.

And I guess that is my question. I know if you hold the power button for longer than a couple of seconds it energises/drenergises a relay.
Like a lot of stuff forcing a restart every now and again is rarely a bad thing. Just would be nice to told how.

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