ND5XS2 into Olive NAC82

Hi all,

I’ve got the opportunity (should be with me tomorrow) for a home demo of the ND5XS2 (hope to hear the NDX2 at a later date) and as streaming is all new to me I am going through the Naim Support pages on how to set it up, use the Naim app etc.

I’ve came across a section headed “Set up system automation to Naim preamplifier” where it mentions that depending on your preamp model you may need to use a 3.5mm jack to RCA cable or a 3.5mm to 3.5mm jack cable to connect the two devices together. My Olive 82 doesn’t have a “Remote In” or "RC5 " input that you need to attach such a cable. As I can’t use “system automation” is that going to cause me a problems in getting the streamer or app to work? Does the absence of system automation only mean that I can’t control my 82 from the Naim app but that I will be able to control it just like I do now with the 82 remote i.e. will the volume control on my 82 adjust the volume of the music being streamed without system automation? (apologies in advance for such a basic question!)

All help/guidance much appreciated.

I used a NDX into a 82 for several years very enjoyable.just you the app to control the streamer and the 82 remote for volume and input settings.

Plenty of advise available on the forum should you need it.

Happy listening.

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Thanks pcd

Exactly - that’s how I do it

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Thanks GadetMan, was getting a bit confused what system automation was for and what would happen without it :thinking:

You would need a 282 for system automation. If you’re happy with using the 82 remote, just carry on as you are now, using that for volume and input selection, and the Naim app to control the streamer.

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@terry2020 It is possible to control your NAC 82 preamp through automation using the DAC remote control. You need to purchase an IR extender that has a 3.5mm jack on one end and a IR blinker on the other. My Naim dealer helped me purchase one. See picture below.

You plug the 3.5mm jack into the streamer and hang the IR blinker on the NAC IR receiver.


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Thanks ChrisSU. Think I’ll be happy just using my remote as I’ve always done.

Thanks David. I’ll see how I get on using my 82 remote but thanks for the info in case I decide to use automation in the future.

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