ND5XS2 just stopped

Hi, was listening all morning and realised that I was only seeing local music as the Qobuz password needed updating. Did that, and although I can now see Qobuz albums etc, nothing plays. Neither Qobuz or local music. I can get radio but that is all. Any ideas what I need to do to get it back?

I have experimented some more. Qobuz works in its own app and streams to the ND5XS2. I can play local content via usb. So, although Qobuz shows up in the search results in the Naim App, it refuses to play. I have power cycled the streamer, deleted and reloaded the App. No effect so far.

In the Naim app, try logging out of Qobuz then back in.

Qobuz only allows 3 logins at a time. So if your logged on by other devices it may be it won’t play through the ND5. I have experienced this. Irritatingly you don’t get a warning message and it still shows the albums, just won’t play them!

Try logging off qobuz on other devices. Give it some time then try the Naim again

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I think you have solved it. I was logged in on my phone and tablet with both the Naim App and Qobuz itself. I logged out on the phone, and have it all back again. Thanks

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