ND5XS2+nDAC+XPS vs bare NDX2

I have a Nd5xs2 paired with a SN3.
Would the addition of two more boxes better a bare NDX2?

I would be very surprised if you didn’t prefer the 3 box option. Always best to listen and decide for yourself, of course, but the NDAC is a big step up to my ears.
The need for careful setup on a decent rack becomes more important with the extra boxes, so you will need to address this if you want to hear the system at its best.

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I was just wondering what the nd5xs2 lacks that is prompting you to add 2 more boxes and do you now wish you had bought ndx2 in the first place

I don’t regret buy ing the ND5XS2 as it sounds great but there is always an upgrade itch. I didn’t find upgrading it with an nDac big of a difference to be honest when I had one on demo. But I heard a nDac only really shines when the XPS is added.

Thanks. Can I finally ask if Auralic ever entered the equation. There is a lot of exciting chatter about them at the moment.

I toyed with the idea of a ND5XS2 rather than a NDX2 and was advised very clearly by a dealer that the NDX2 would be much better, so that’s what I bought. Doubtless an XPS would improve things, very possibly to a point where the three box combo betters the bare NDX2. One nice thing about the NDX2 is the fact it has a remote, which can be set to control the SN’s volume. It also has a stop button on the front which both Mrs HH and I find really useful. Who wants to be searching for the phone to stop the music? So if it were me, I’d get an NDX2. Then you can always add a power supply later and improve things still further.

This is surprisingly true. My personal phone is also used for work, so whenever I use it (now) to pause/skip etc., I end up disappearing down a rabbit hole of work emails. I now wouldn’t buy a streaming system without a remote, in the same way I wouldn’t buy a preamp without a volume knob. I do think, though, that for the money the NDX2 remote is a bit naff in terms of quality. Compared with the excellent and sturdy Narcom 5 in particular.

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Yes, I’m not keen on the NDX2 or Uniti remote. It’s too square and shiny. The remote that came with my SN3, presumably a Narcom 5, is much nicer to hold and to use. But… any remote is better than none.

I wonder, would a nd5xs2 accept remote control input even though it is not supplied with one? Like the Qb, it can be used with the Mu-so remote apparently.

No it can’t, you need to use the app.

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Thank you

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