ND5XS2 or atom

hope you enjoyed cristmas night with you family
this year is crazy but to me the evening was magical anyway.

I am a bit puzzled when it comes to naim streamers.

the thing is if I compare the atom with the ND5XS2 I have the feeling when it comes to features the ND5XS2 is outdated.
the wlan antena or the cooling ribs from the atom makes me think this is really state of the art compared to the ND5XS2

the usb slot on the front is not needed anymore in my opinion

what dl you think? will we see soon a new ND5XS2?

They are completely different products, one is an all in one and one is a source/DAC. Most certainly not outdated and bang up to date!

I think you’ll find the ND5XS2 is nowhere near the end of its life cycle, which started some time after that of the Atom.
The Unitis are boxes packed full of components. Hardly surprising that they need cooling fins, whereas the ND5, in a bigger box with fewer components, can manage without.

The Uniti Atom and ND5XS2 are based on the same digital streaming platform. Neither is outdated in relation to the other. Otherwise, they are different products (as noted already).

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