ND5XS2 owners

For what it’s worth I just set my NDX2 + SN3 to work “lights out” so apart from when you change source it just comes on briefly to show a summary and cover art or radio station graphic. Don’t think you can turn off display completely though!
The only lights on all the time during playback are the Naim Logo’s.

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It’s possible we are drifting slightly from the original purpose of the thread which was to seek out nd5xs2 owners who are still happy with the streamer 12 months on.

I’m still a VERY proud owner of a ND5XS2 going on 15 months now. :slight_smile:


Have one in an olive system 18m now, all serviced with properly set up SBLs, totally pleasing. Grooves, crystal clear and very unfatiguing. Deffo a sweat spot product. The FW / SW / App goes wobbly occasionally but seems very stable since moaning about it! Happy listening


Thanks @Martinzero nice to see the new kid on the block fitting in with the impressive old school.

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Sure does, a big Naim advantage in compatibility :grinning:


I have the prior ND5 XS. I think the sound is great. Very detailed, 3D and that somewhat laid back sound I hear on other Naim products.

Having major problems with the android app that controls it. I can use it to play stuff, but it plays album tracks in alphabetical order not correct track order. Very frustrating. Also search does not work at all. So make sure you look into this.

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Is that because the tracks aren’t numbered correctly in the metadata?

Nope. In the metadata track number is present and tracks appear in that order in other views like PC file and Squeezebox server. Had been using Squeezebox as interface but ethernet into Naim sounds much better. Could it be I need to update Naim firmware? Someone said use the Linn Kazoo app but it did not find the Naim. Maybe need 3rd party app. (Logitech app died so use 3rd party app which is great)

Hello jmtennapel,
I’m not quite sure. It’s the version running on the Naim. I can’t see any specs because unfortunately, the display has died and is dark.
I am using the latest Android app 2.16.0. When I look at the settings on the app, it indicates streamer version 4.3.00 and other specs that do not look anything like server specs (3DBSL, BSL version 2.1.9, MAC, 3D APP, 3D CNE). Does any of this help answer your question?

Also, my track names do not have number prefixes. I know that would solve the problem, but I prefer track names to be “pure,” as they appear on the album notes.

All my music is on an external hard drive attached to a Dell PC. This is connected to a router. I run an Ethernet cable from the router to the Naim (Wifi also works but I figure hard wired is better).

(I have 1.7TB of mostly lossless music, 79,000 songs, enough to play for 7 months without repeats!)

Just the app. I’d be glad to use something else I could control with my phone or tablet, because the app is so dysfunctional. Someone suggested using Linn Kazoo. I tried it but it did not see any “rooms” or devices. Wondering if I need to update firmware on the Naim. Last done 3 years ago.

Thank you for that potential solution. I thought I had a UPnP server going on the Naim itself since the app was partially working. It seems Windows 10 already provides for UPnP and it seems to be present. I’m going to see if I can make it work before I pay for a solution. I’ll let you know what happens. Thanks for taking the time to help me.

I mostly have FLACs because they have a header which provides for metadata (album, artist, track number, cover…). WAVs do not. I’ve compared the same piece in WAV and FLAC formats and they sound the same to me. (via Jeff Rowland and JM Labs.)

Seems you are saying Asset sounds better than Audirvana? It seems I will need one of these as you said :slight_smile:

Sometimes people buy the entry level , are very pleased with it and them start asking the question if this is good how much better are the products higher up the pecking order?

I can’t remember seeing any adverse comments on the ND5XS2 only that it can be bettered

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not knowing is a blessing.


You are so right, my favourite source over the last few months has been a NAT03 tuned exclusively to R3, I know I can get a NAT 02 or NAT 01 have it serviced and have a cracking piece of kit, for not too many shekels .

I sometimes feel we just need to appreciate what we’ve got rather than aspire to what we haven’t got.


I’m just going to spend the $29 and give Asset a try. After I get used to it, I may demo the Audirvana to see if I hear a difference. I just want a full solution now, not the simple trial version, and to start enjoying listening (vs. doing comparisons). I was confused by the Naim app partially working without a UPnP and oddly, I never read anything in their help that stated I needed one. Thanks again for your very useful guidance.

So I have previously stated my reasons for buying a ND5XS2 over a NDX2. And they still stand.

So, apart from the screen and a better? DAC, what is the difference between the two? and don’t say £3K!