Nd5xs2 settings for best sound

hi. I remember that there were some talks regarding effect on SQ of various settings in new streamers (and unitis). I cannot find them in search so I would like to ask here.

  1. Should unsused inputs be activated or disabled?
  2. server mode - how does this affect SQ? I only use one nd5xs2 at home (no other net players) and I only have tidal, radio and local USB HDD drive via USB input on ND5.

is there anything else in settings to try?
cheers :slight_smile:

“Keep everything active” i was advised when i asked Jason for my ndx2.


…I really thought there was a consensus on this. I was told by my dealer to disable them, but I never felt or heard any difference…on my nd5xs that is.

well, so there is no consensus yet :wink:

What did they recommend in the HiFi Critic review of the ND555? I forgot.

I get the funny feeling there won’t be one. It’s like nearly all SQ threads: suck it and see. Also, what prompts me to be so somewhat flippant about it is that even Naim and those who sell on their behalf have entirely opposing viewpoints…doesn’t instill a lot of confidence in either side’s viewpoint, especially since there hasn’t at all been a satisfactory (e.g., scientific, or better yet, technological) explanation as to why or why not? At least none that I’ve read to date.

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All on.

That’s from Jason Gould naim ambassador. I haven’t seen him since leaving naim but i don’t think you’ll get a more definitive opinion.

Doesn’t this contradict with the other Naim dogma that everyone should listen for themselves?

Exactly. Normal wisdom is to turn off unused inputs / functions but for some reason, Naim recommend these are left on as it sounds ‘better’. Just use what works for you :slightly_smiling_face:

What does “all inputs” even mean? All the digital inputs, etc., on the NDX2 that I don’t use and that would clutter my app screen if left enabled, forcing me to scroll sideways every time to get to the inputs that I actually use? If this is really what Naim wants, they need a better UI so that I can hide these enabled inputs on the app. There’s no issue with leaving them enabled if it is better for SQ, but there is an issue with having to see them in the app.
Obviously, better yet just make the app setting hide them, not actually disable them.

This has been mentioned before, and a feature request was mentioned to allow the order of active inputs to be changed so that those you use most are on the first page. Personally I just disable those I don’t use and I’m not sure there’s an audible difference.
Using server mode allows you to put the streamer in standby mode without switching off the main transformer, so it keeps the streamer warmed up.

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It is unclear that’s why I’m trying to get more inf. Nice avatar - Sonic Youth was the most important band for me at one point. Maybe still is? Saw them twice and the first time was unreal - during Washing Machine tour in Prague.

Yes, me too :slight_smile:
Good for you! I’m a huge fan, saw them every time I could but still not enough. So sad it’s over.
Prague! My first time was on the Goo tour in Vienna, Arena. hot summer day ending in a huge thunderstorm, the concert was open air and they dried the mixing desk with a hair blower for hours. Huge anticipation when there was an announcement from the stage that they would now turn on the PA and then there would be a concert or not. And there was, it was cold by now, SY were probably a bit unhappy having waited for hours and they rocked so hard. A friend of mine saw them at Secession in Vienna even pre-Evol I believe. I was too young to know, so envious. Saw Kim & Free Kitten in New York, well Hoboken (link) actually, early nineties :slight_smile:

This just came in the mail today:

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Here a response given to @jsaudio. But I read that Martin Colloms wrote “ all imputs enabled “ on Nd555. The contrary for the Nds, when he reviewed it also.

I queried Naim regarding which inputs to use on the preamps if using 1 source such as an ND555, whether or not unused inputs should be disabled or enabled on the ND555 and finally, whether “server mode” should be on or off if not using server mode.
I received a prompt reply from Flynn who also gave me permission to post on the forum.
I assume this applies to all pre-amps and streamers.

Thank you for your email - I’ll take your questions in turn.

  1. disabling un-used inputs on the ND555 will make no difference to sound quality, but it will make navigating through the app and ND555 easier as you will only have the inputs you use available.
  2. No, if you are not using server mode, keep it off, it will consume much more power while it is on and in turn will create a noisier signal path for audio.

I hope this helps, please let me know if you have nay more questions.

​Kind Regards

Flynn Charter


Wow it’s a great story! And I will look for the book :wink:
thanks to SY and the ‘98 tour I also discovered Unwound and made some lifelong friends. What a different times to 2020…but we are drifting from streamer settings: I really can’t hear much of a difference when turning inputs on/off.

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Thank you!

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What was the answer to question 1? thanks

Thanks @frenchrooster, I completely forgot about that communication!