Nd5xs2 settings for best sound

I guess Naim should be towing the line and not openly telling people to use a workaround to avoid energy saving measures imposed under the EU ‘Ecodesign’ directive.
Perhaps there are two factors to consider here:
In standby mode, enabling server mode will keep the streamer warmed up, potentially improving sound quality.
In use, enabling server mode might generate electrical noise, decreasing sound quality.

At risk of sounding completely obsessive, perhaps the optimum would be to turn on server mode when you’re not using the streamer, then turn it off when you play music :woozy_face:

Or you could simply leave it on w/o server mode

As a side note, I just, this very minute discovered that you can ‘share’ ones playlist in the app. However, when I press share nothing seems to happen.

Anyone know how this works?

That would be far too simple! But yes, you could just set auto standby to Never.

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That usually opens a list of options including email, copy (& paste), WhatsApp etc.

Is yours working Chris?

Sorry I can’t check it now as I’m not at home.

Ok. Still zilch on mine.

So now we have contradiction between tech support and the ambassador!

Thanks. That all sounds very sensible / plausible.


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at least this one is easy on my nait xs3 - I have one input named ‘stream’ :wink:

Why? Who is the ambassador? If Martin Colloms, I feel he is more a reviewer. You were referring to him Robert?

The Ambassador is Jason Gould.

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What on earth is an ambassador?

Somebody who represents the organisation he is part of and is able to speak on behalf of.

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Oh but maybe it is good for SQ if you attach it to CD or Tuner!

So Jason Gould advocates all imputs enabled on the new streamers?

the world of Naim is mystical

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Okay. Things got very Friday 13th. My nd5xs2 stopped making any sounds. I was listening to NTS radio and switched to some tidal and there was silence. And there’s no sound any more out of any inputs: radio, tidal, local.
I tried on/off, factory reset. Nuthin.
Bad luck.