ND5XS2 Setup

Ok, I think I am going to take a dive into a bit more serious streaming audio. I’ve appreciated the help in my last topic. I was thinking of going the route of a ND5XS2 and feeding it through my ndac/555ps. A question on some of the options for streaming. I have been using Deezer through my sonos but understand that is not a native app on the naim so plan to try quobuz. I have the app now on trial but it won’t play hi-res through sonos.

If I connect a USB stick to the back of the ND5XS2, can I also access all of those music files via the naim app as well? That is currently how i have my music on my HDX. Thought I might be able to get rid of the HDX SSD if I do it that way.

Thank you!

I don’t know about HDX, but if they are normal music files, then absolutely. That is how I listen to most of my music, via a USB stick in my ND5 XS2 with all my Flac files on it. Remember to enable Server Mode in the app so that it reads all the Metadata then you can view by artists/album, etc

Yes. Use the Server input in the app, not the USB input. The former shows file tags and album covers , the latter only the bare folders and files.

Great, thank you! I’m assuming it’s okay to use the wifi connection as well and do not need to be hard wired into a router?

I believe these days it probably doesn’t a difference, although some of us would lean to the hard wired side if it were an option. Part of that is around a simpler solution, and easier when diagnosing issues

Thanks. I’m looking forward to this new endeavor. Torn on whether I should jump to a higher end unit like the NDX2 but I don’t need the screen and plan to run this into my ndac/555PS anyway. The ND555 would be ideal but not sure I can make that jump just yet!

It might help by detailing your whole setup (Amps/speakers etc) to better advise, or better still add it to your profile.

To my ears the ND5XS2 sounds as good as the NDX2 when used via digital out into a separate DAC (and that’s based on a lengthy comparison demo at my dealers, not vague speculation!) so if you don’t want the screen and remote control I would suggest that you save some cash and go for the ND5.


That’s what I’ve heard as well from a previous post ChrisSu, appreciated. I have a 552/HDX/ndac/555ps/300DR. I also have an LP12 Radikal/Superline/Supercap DR. I know the ND5 would be a weak spot but it has to be better than the sonos port i have as the source right now for my streamer.

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As a digital transport only, I’m not sure the ND5XS2 would be a weak point. Maybe worth a listen for yourself if you can though, a very revealing system may show up some subtle differences that I didn’t hear when I was listening at my dealers.

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In my opinion (my system, ears etc) the ND5XS2 in digital out is much better than the Sonos. I had one previously to the ND5XS2. The ND5XS2 into a nDAC is fantastic and if you have a 555PS you’ll have a top notch digital source.

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