ND5XS2 Stereophile review

As a QoBuz user and NDX 2 owner I noticed this throwaway point in the Stereophile review of the ND5XS2 :

" The ND5 XS 2 includes native support of Chromecast, Spotify, and Tidal, and is Roon-ready. My review loaner didn’t support Qobuz, but Naim says that that they are currently working on integrating native Qobuz support."

That would be a good upgrade!


Interesting review, it mentioned a number of times the lack of a manual. It would seem from the Hifi news review of ND555 and interview with Charlie the new MD…manuals are coming back tbd.

I agree Qobuz integration would be a good upgrade, Naim is lagging behind in streaming Hi Res without having to do a work around, I went down the Innuos Zen/Roon route to get access to higher quality streaming. Qobuz integration would make Naim streamers more desirable.

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