ND5XS2 - unexpected repeated shutdowns

I’m aware that there’s a long thread running in respect of problems with shut downs and other issues, but here’s a thing …

My ND5XS2 has been perfect from new, on both the previous and latest software releases.

Several months without any issues at all … until last night.

I have ALWAYS controlled the unit via the iOS Naim App (iPhone) and it has worked perfectly, without any shut downs etc.

Last night, I decided to simply take the unit out of standby using the front facia power switch, in order to watch Netflix on the TV (LG OLED via Toslink into ND5XS2). This was the only change of operation for the several months of ownership - where I have always used the Naim App, instead of the unit’s power switch.

Whilst watching the TV, the unit went into standby every 10 minutes or so (losing the sound completely) and I had to repress the power switch to reactive the unit every time, in order to restore the sound. This happed (loss of sound and going into standby) about 6-7 times over the course of an hours TV viewing … not great!

Tonight, I decided to take the until out of standby to watch TV as usual, using the Naim App and it has remained working perfectly, as was the case for the past several months.

Could using the front facia controls be the actual reason for all the issues experienced by others, in resect of shutdowns etc ???

Personally I won’t use the power switch again and will simply stick to the Naim App for perfect trouble free operation.

Hope this helps :grinning: :grinning:

It may well be a good idea to relay your experience with Naim tech support, if you have not already done so.

No worries, I can certainly do that, even though everything is working perfectly with the App.

I wanted to relay the experience, just in case that was the actual reason for the issues experienced by others :grinning:

Is it exactly 10 minutes? Sounds like something is going to sleep mode, we’ve had this where the appletv going into sleep switches the tv itself off as the smart tv function of the TV was in use, not the appletv, if that makes sense!

Whilst perhaps not always exactly 10 mins, it certainly wasn’t anywhere near the current “Auto Standby” time (which is currently set at 20 mins (not 10 mins) … and this occurred 6-7 times during one hour of TV viewing.

In any event, this never occurs when using the Naim App.

It was the first and only time that I have used the button on the front facia, to take the unit out of standby (in order to start watching TV - Toslink connection for sound only).

Previously I have always used the App and using the App (after the problem occurred), resulted in no further issues at all … which was my reasoning for wondering if there is actually a ‘link’ between the front facia operation and the so called ‘bug’ affecting users with unexpected reboots and going into standby.

Good thought though, about the auto standby setting, but this doesn’t appear to be what caused the issue :grinning:

As Richard suggested, I’ve emailed Naim Customer Support and Steve Harris in case this helps.

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