ND5XS2 using two outputs

I have owned an ND5XS2 for about six months now, but have only used its digital out into my Chord Mscaler/TT2 as a source into my Nagra integrated. I tried running the optical out of my LG C9 TV into the Mscaler to run the TV sound through my main speakers.
I got a lot of lip sync mismatch, so abandoned that idea for a while.
What I am thinking of doing is running the optical cable from the TV into the ND5XS2, and using the analog outs of the streamer, into my Nagra integrated.
My hope is that this solves the lip sync problem I get using the Chord gear. Does anyone use both outputs of their ND5XS2, or NDX2 for something like this? I also wonder if I have to turn one off, to use the other output in settings, or can they both be left on?
With no remote, it would be a pain if I have to disable one, to use the other.
On the Nagra end, I could just switch inputs to use the Chord, or ND5XS2 as a source.
Also, with two outputs in use, would I have to change that floating switch on the back of the ND5?
Thanks for any help, or advice on this.

You’d have to go into the Naim app and switch output settings. Whilst there are flexible options for the analogue outputs (DIN, RCA or both on), you can only have either digital or analogue outputs on. Not both at the same time. Could you not run the TV into the TT2 and avoid the Mscaler delay issue ?

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I suspected that might be the case James,thank you.
Now to determine if it is worth the hassle,and if the lip sync is better.

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For me it works great and without incorrect lip sync. Digital opt out from my tv to the ND5XS2. Then in the app use the TV setting. Sound is not as terrific because of the small toslink (not an expensive one). But it works great.

There is a TV setting in the App?,never noticed one before,not home right now to look.

The TV would just use which ever regular digital input you choose. If you keep it that way you can rename the input TV for convenience.


Correct it is just one of the Digital outputs you cam choose.

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We have a long weekend this week,so I may give it a try.So I would just rename the optical input I choose as TV,then it would appear in the home screen? But I assume I would still need to activate the analog or digital outputs in settings,or is there a way to tie the output choice to the TV input?

No, you would need to set this when using the TV.

I suspect using the TV direct into your TT2 optical in would reduce the delay a fair bit.

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Correct i presume

I may try that too Chris, I think it is the Mscaler that does all the processing that delays the signal. I did try the video button on the Mscaler, but it was still way off. I also noticed that once I had the Antenna broadcast synced pretty good using the TV settings, switching to Netflix seemed to throw things off again. I also have a media player, Xbox and bluray player connected to the TV using HDMI.

I find the delay with Dave to be quite high compared to my Naim streamer, and also higher than my 1st gen. Hugo. I believe it’s down to the processing, and I’m pretty sure using your ND5XS2 using its own DAC would have the smallest delay.

I’m using my Samsung tv optical outlet directly into my Qutest. I not experiencing any lip sync delay with this set up ,so I imagine the delay is ,as others have mentioned ,due to the processing time inside the M Scaler.

Hi, @NO-QUARTER , I don’t have the TT2 but run optical into Chord DAVE and it works well in terms of sound/lip synch. I use DAVE remote to switch from BNC1 to optical when using TV. It also works if I route the optical through the MScaler.

I use Toslink into Naim DAC (not my ND5XS2).

I choose the dac output using my Naim remote.

I do get a slight lip sync mismatch.

You have reminded me to fiddle with the TV lip sync delay settings again, which I haven’t done for months.

I have the TV, DVD, NAS, Qobuz connected to the ND5 XS2. When I first tried the TV it was seriously laggy through Mscaler Dave.

Then I read the manual and set the input on the Mscaler to automatic detection of a 48K, such that the Mscaler misses out some of the coding. And lo and behold, no sync issues.

This is usually unsuccessful as the adjustment can only add more delay. No harm in trying, but until you manage to invent time travel you are likely to be stuck with some delay if that’s what the TV gives you.

Hi Nick, are you saying you now use the the TV connected to the ND5XS2, then BNC out to the Mscaler/Dave?
I am not clear about the Automatic setting on Mscaler, I did not know you could give it a value of 48k somehow.
Are you using the Video button too?
I have now verified that you have to choose either digital or analog out in the settings, it will let you choose RCA and Din at the same time though.
I am also trying to figure out how to redeem my free Tidal 3 months, because I thought I applied for it, but I seem to be getting billed from day one of signing up.

Yup. Everything except the NAT01 goes through the. ND/Mscaler/Dave route. When you set up automatic switching on the Mscaler the left hand light is yellow for everything except 48, when it turns green.

I guess you could adjust the input manually, but I’m far too idle, and levering old rear end off the settee is far too much effort :grinning:.

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I will play with it all on the weekend to see if I can sort this all out. The problem with these online manuals you get these days is sorting out proper settings. Dealing with coloured balls is frustrating, when an actual word or number would be more helpful.
I have been meaning to try the onboard Dac in the ND5 also.
The floating switch at the back of the streamer is kind of a mystery to me too, since I use a non Naim integrated.

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