Nd5xs2 vs Allo Signature as transport

I am evaluating digione sig/ rpi solution into Ndac/XpsDR. I elevated performance powering this DIY combo with a battery pack and Uptone’s LPS 1.2. There is a touch hardness still there and trying to see what can do to eliminate it.
Naim streamer has the advantage of better usability, its neater (not many cables hanging around) and i expect to sound a bit better (i have experience only with qute2 which is not better but i assume that ND5xs2 will be…)

I managed to find a picture of the rear face of a Zen Mk 3, and you are right, so S/PDIF, only USB.

I do like the idea of a Zen though. It does seem to be the complete ripper, streamer etc - but I assume that Innuous have done their homework and there’s just no call for spdif with “modern” DACs.

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Only the entry level Zen Mini has SPDIF out, the others just have USB, so not really Naim friendly (unless you have a V1).

Ah, I didn’t look at the Mini. I wonder why they didn’t include spdif in the more expensive models…

@nbpf is running an DigiOne Signature into the Naim DAC – tried different PSUs and also compared the Allo to a few competitors in the market. Thoughts from these experiments have been shared before in other threads, but maybe @nbpf doesn’t mind shipping in here too. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, his power supply setup makes the Shanti look positively “bargain basement” :smiley: :laughing:

It’s only the latest Mini Mk3 that has SPDIF, so perhaps they are just testing the water?

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Uptone JS-2 on the clean side, right? [Why do I remember this – I should get out more…]

I am sure it’s an awesome PSU, but the wrong colour… :rofl:

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One option would be to remove the Digione Signature from the RPi and install it instead inside a USBridge Signature (effectively the USBridge Signature is a lower noise environment for the Digione Signature compared to a RPi)

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And I think he’s got something equally exotic on the dirty side.

As for the colour…in my not so humble opinion, anything that is not Olive is beyond the pale… :grinning: :grinning:

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2 members use the Zenith with Naim, and found it very good.
@obsydian with the Nova, with an usb / spdif converter.
Flippe too, in a 552/500 system, using the Zenith with Ndac / 555, with Audiophileo usb converter.

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Innuos can rip, stream Qobuz, Tidal, and is Roon Ready. Only one box, in black please.

It might be the LPS-1.2 – but I am not quite sure about this one. But I do remember that I thought it was far too “clean” for the “dirty” side… Allo plus PSUs was nearly the price of an ND5XS2…

I think you are right - it rings a bell. Anyway we are guilty of thread drift here .

I get the feeling that the OP is leaning towards the ND5

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I am mostly concerned about the small price difference and complication of getting an Allo. If I am calculating right then the difference is about €500 while the ND5XS2 probably has the edge in SQ. It is less boxes, less complicated and prettier. I guess it’s the better choice then.

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Probably – but I would hesitate. Unless one has Black Box OCD, I feel that the price tag is difficult to swallow considering the really good reports on the Allo.

Are you buying second-hand? [Sorry if I missed this earlier.]

Yes you can see it in my post above how I calculated it.

I don’t need ripping as I stream everything through Qobuz and Tidal

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Okay – just scrolled up. That calculation doesn’t make any sense to me. Apples and Pears… Anyway, good luck.