Nd5xs2 vs ndx (as upgrade to use 555ps)

Hi all,
do you think it is worth to upgrade my nd5xs2 to a preloved ndx out of 2014? The price is nearly the same. Important is the ability in my system to use the ndx via my ps555dr that I normally use with my CDX2. My System ist with 252/300dr. I only use Tidal via LAN and the analog output with super lumina interconnect (5pin5pin). Streaming is not my main source. I heard of benefits of the new streamers especially in the use of tidal. So are the sound benefits of ndx/ps555dr bigger than the (supposed) streaming benefits of the nd5xs2). What you think?

Thank you for any opinion!

Remember that the ND5XS2 cannot take a PSU upgrade.

Thank you, ChrisSu, I tried to say this. I use the nd5xs2 since 6 months. The ndx would offer this possibility to me…

Personally, if Tidal were important to me then I wouldn’t make this change because Tidal can be a bit hit and miss on the old streamers depending on how the internet is working where you live.

You can’t really compare the SQ performance in the one hand with Tidal problems on the other hand. If Tracks played on Tidal stop randomly for instance then SQ might be pretty irrelevant. Having said that, lots of people get perfect Tidal on old streamers. It is all about your local internet.


Thank you, david! I had this connection problems years ago with an old nds, but I am not sure if this problem is lasting. Tidal perhaps has improved also?

The issue wasn’t with Tidal, but rather the performance of the internet between your home and the Tidal servers that are used for your location.

Having said that, Tidal have recently twice caused outages for people using old Naim streamers through making unexpected and inadequately tested changes to their servers. All in all, if you listen to Tidal much then imho you would be better saving up for a pre-loved or ex-demo NDX2. But I realise that’s a lot of extra cash.



@AndiB ndx + 555 used to be regarded as an unbalanced combo , so it may not be the upgrade you hope. I would look for a second hand nds ,especially , if you already have the required PS.
They are amazing value nowadays

It might be worth looking out for a used nDac. Use the 555 on it and connect the ND5xs2’s spdif output.

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Or if a different presentation is required then a Hugo. I used a Hugo to significantly upgrade my ND5XS1, the result being much more natural (my words - some people said more analog like).

So many options!

“ndx + 555 used to be regarded as an unbalanced combo…” -
Is the same true of ndx2?

Yes that’s true, but that’s the fun with naim. Only that my fraims are full…

it does not seem to be the case according to andrew everard review of the association. I have not heard it though

Thank you all for your help. I think it will be the ndx2 in some weeks, I’ll test it. So now I let go the offered ndx…
Have a nice weekend with this beautiful black boxes… :slight_smile:

No, I feel that would be a backwards move… the ND5XS2 wins to my ears in just about every category other than its display… it doesn’t have one. The ND5XS2 was optimised for SQ above all else within its budget envelope. a very conscious design decision by Naim so we were told. It uses the new architecture streaming front end and a lot of the latest Naim learning on DACs.
The NDX is good, I loved mine for many years, , but it’s long in the tooth now. It was Naim’s first streamer, and they have learnt an awful lot since then with commensurate improvements.

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Thank you, Simon. Is it a that big step from nd5xs2 to ndx2/ps555dr as you would expect? I think you didn’t loved the ps-combination with your cdx2. Is it the same with the ndx2?

I am probably not best to ask, although I have a NDX2, I don’t really like it’s analogue outputs that much, I instead use its digitaloutput to feed an off board DAC as opposed to using the bundled DAC.
I did the same with my NDX… I didn’t think the 555PS improved the NDX significantly if at all, although it did change the presentation.

Thank you all. I had a talk to my dealer and he told me the same. It is probably not easy to sell and ndx1 because the difference to the ndx2 is so big - especially in relation to connectivity. So my way is clear: nd5xs2 vs ndx2/ps555dr - I think I know the winner…

£2k vs £10k… it is also about value for money.

The NDX2 is a superb streamer; I am extremely content with my ND5XS2, Uniti Core and Chord HUGOTT 2 (£8k plus interconnects from Tellurium and Entreq and a Powerline for the ND5)… each of us have different ears and budgets as well as balancing with the rest of the system.

Enjoy your demo.


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