Hi, i use nd5xs2 with naim app but i have a question: is possible connect my nd5 to roon app? i’ve seen and try in a shop with another ifi hardware and was very simple and clear

Yes for sure: the new -Naim streaming platform is a Roon Ready endpoint… get your Roon Core up and running and on the same in-home network, and you should just see the ND5SX2 under Settings → Audio. Good luck, it’s really straightforward.

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i’m not able to found it. i run roon app, that looking to roon core in my network but nothing to do

Are you actually running a Roon Core on a separate computer or NAS etc, as is required?

no i have only a tablet with roon app and my nd5xs2

I’ve seen people have this confusion before. A Roon endpoint, like the ND5XS2, needs to connect to a computer (of a minimum recommended spec) that is running the the Roon Core, which is the brain that drives Roon.

i’ve try this in a shop and the vendor say to me that was connected directly, i’ve use only a roon app.

As @jobseeker says, the Roon App is the control point for your ND5SX2 Roon Endpoint… but you definitely need the “server”, which they call the Roon Core up and running (eg on your desktop or laptop computer) for this to work. It’s guaranteed that the shop had the Core running in the background… so you need to get that started too. There is a trial for you to take some tim, get it working, and see if you like it okay.

Have a look on Roonlabs.com for more explanations and guidance. There is comprehensive help available on their forum too.

Naim are one of the best integrations I have seen in Roon.

But for running Roon have a look at their website first to try to understand how it works. Roon needs to be running on a compatible NAS for example a Synology or Qnap or a computer Mac or PC.

Then you can download the App for your phone or tablet and these devices could serve the propose of a remote controlling other devices, or use your phone or tablet as a player.

Roon is a great piece of software, I hope you find it interesting also.

The ifi Pro iDSD works with Roon via AirPlay, is not Roon ready.

I have one and to take full advantage of the ifi Pro iDSD and make it Roon ready you will need an external streamer that is Roon ready like an sotm sms 200 Ultra or the ifi Zen Stream for example.

The ifi Pro iDSD is a good DAC.

Most hardware that is not roon ready could need other hardware to make it so, or be supported in other protocols like chromecast audio or airplay.

My guess it that it would have been connected via usb to a Roon core, hence the dealer’s comment? It is ‘Roon Tested’. I can see how the OP could have been confused.

No, in that case is not what i need, another hardware is not necessary fon me, is enough for me

You are right, did not remember that. Yes connected via USB works very well.

But in that case the computer is making the same as an external streamer.

An old cheap Mac mini works great as a core. Can be controlled remotely with screen mirror so no need for keyboard, screen or anything else.

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