Ndac/555PS with Hugo 2

Source files are stored in PC currently connected via SPDIF connection with Ndac/555PS

Would a Hugo 2 improve the existing setup?

If yes, how to connect them?

Thanks a lot.

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What would, for sure, improve things is not directly connecting the PC to the nDAC.

If you really need/want to connect your PC to your nDAC a better option would be an USB to S/PDIF converter like the Audiophilleo 1 + PurePower.

–> http://www.audiophilleo.com/Audiophilleo1

Computers are nasty things in terms of noise. One should avoid direct connection to a DAC.

Another option to consider is the following combo :

Hugo2 + 2Go = nice little streamer !

You could then use your computer as UPnP server or a Roon Core.

Are you wanting to replace the Ndac/555 with the Hugo2? Because they are both dacs; you can’t connect them together. Or shouldn’t want to.

You really need a new digital transport not a new DAC (ie Hugo).

Have a look at:

  • Allo Signature
  • Pro-Ject Box S2
  • Meridian 210
  • Auralic Aries

In price order

Or the coax option mentioned above

Another nice digital transport would be :

  • dCS Network Bridge
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Thanks Everyone. I should add that the PC uses the EVGA NU audio card that is producing very good sound via the headphone output. But somehow the SPDIF connection is degrading the quality thru Ndac/555PS.

Having compared an Auralic Aries G2 versus DCS Network Bridge into a Chord M Scaler & DAVE, the then cheaper DCS Network Bridge consistently outperformed the more expensive Aries G2 when both were acting as a Roon end point.


Best regards, BF

I think that the simple answer is that the Naim Dac + 555PS is a very capable dac. If you were to replace the dac, you won’t get much for it, although the 555PS has value especially if it’s DR. I’d keep those, and just add a decent front end streamer.


There are people who have sold their NDAC/555 to move to a Hugo, so it’s possible that you may prefer it, but you should listen for yourself and decide if you prefer its presentation. However, if your NDAC doesn’t sound good you might want to investigate further why this is. If it’s old, it may need a service, including the PSU. It’s also sensitive to the quality of the digital transport connected to it, so you may want to investigate this. PCs are not always the best sources, so maybe see if you can listen to some alternatives, and make sure you are using a quality 75 ohm BNC cable.

The EVGA sound card only has SPDIF, but no coaxial out. Maybe that’s the problem…

If it’s optical then it is providing isolation to the Dac

As for Hugo 2 vs Ndac I much prefer Hugo 2

My opinion only

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