nDAC hd light off

when streaming content above 44.1kHz and nd5xs dig out programmed on native
If selecting 96kHz 24bit it does illuminate.
Is it correct?

Yes, IIRC on the Naim DAC HD is lit on sampling frequencies over 48kHz.

thank you Rich
I get it isn’t possible to have it lit when native is selected on streamer

I guess it will depend on what is the native sample rate.

light off either below or above 44.kHz files when selecting digital on streamer

You can check if the HD light works by rebooting the nDAC and watching the lights flashing.

It only lights when playing music above 48kHz so typically this would be 88/96/176/192.


Yup, just confirmed by testing my own DAC - 88.2kHz and above light up the HD light.


ok tested again but with a genuine 24/96 this time
it must definitely be on native in order to get the light on
and off below 48 Khz accordingly
When choosing 96kHz 24bit light is always on

That makes sense. If set to 24/96 output then whatever the bit depth/sample rate of the source material, the ND5XS S/PDIF output will always be 24/96 so the HD light on the DAC will illuminate. If set to native, the S/PDIF output will be the same as the source material with no conversion of bit depth / sample rate.

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What I thought initially unfortunately I came across a misleading file

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