NDac....Options for a Roon End point

Evening peeps,

I am shortly going to be demo’ing an NDX2 as a possible replacement for my nDac and Auralic Aries mini combo for use with Roon.

Aware that the mini maybe not doing the nDac justice, i also am considering a Moon neo MiND2 to feed the dac as an alternative to the ndx2.

I have a budget of around £2k for the endpoint if i decide against the ndx2… Any other recomended network bridges to work with an nDac peoples can suggest demoing?



Naim streamers work very well via their SPDIF output. An ND5XS2 would be a good match for the NDAC.


I’d also recommend the ND5XS2. I’m biased but it’s been fantastic for me. Keep in mind you can use the ND5XS2 as a damn good backup if need be. IMHO nd5xs2 + nDAC = or better than bare NDX2

Thankyou for the suggestions but unfortunately the nd5xs would not fit in the preposed installation area.

The bridge will be used with a fraimed 252,sc,250 with a xerxes tt + vsc phono/ps. Add on the ndac or ndx2 and it reaches the recommended limit of a base and 5 fraim levels. I dont want to move the tt to a wall shelf and while 1 extra fraim level might work, would prefer to use as a ps option for the streamer or dac.

I have a small shelf unit to one side that has an internal width of about 26cm and planned to locate the bridge there.

Meridian 210 is Roon Ready with spdif out, I am very happy with it.

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You could add an AudioPhilleo 1 + PurePower (its power supply) then connect your Roon Server directly to the DAC via USB

Some options for sub-2k:
Auralic Aries G1
Moon Mind2
Stack Audio Link (UK based, web order or small dealer network) - very well reviewed
Sonore (microRendu, Ultrarendu, Optical Rendu) - plus a PSU
Meridian 210
Pro-ject Streambox Ultra

All DigiOne Signature + Allo LPSU (web order, many reviews on line) - I have one and works well into a Chord DAC
Allo USBridge Signature + Allo LPSU

These all have a smaller footprint than the ND5XS2 - which is a good renderer for roon, and does have a broader range of functionality, but essentially the DAC would be redundant (I did have one, but it took too much rack space used purely as a streamer into my separate DAC).

I have the Auralic G1 with an nDac. If you need a smaller size, the Lumin U1 mini has a smaller footprint.

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That Lumin U1 mini has a nice footprint, specification & sensible price, and Lumin do have a good reputation for quality.

The only feature that seems to be missing is support for Squeezelite/LMS - which might detract Innuos users who use ‘squeezelite experimental mode’ as I do via MoOde on the Allo - not a dealbreaker for others though.

Thankyou for the suggestions so far, will do some further reading.

I do require an ethernet input as the roon nuc is located some way from the rack so some can be ruled out immediately and saddly the G1 and lumin are a tad too wide.

Id pick this

You might want to check out the roon compatibility though, it works apparently though not 100% certified

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