nDAC + PS555

Två connection questions: (1) When connecting the PS555 to nDAC should the ordinary power cable power the nDAC as well? (2) Can I connect two preampliers (one to DIN and one to the RCAoutput ) at the same time to the nDAC or will the DIN (or RCA) overun the other output?

  • questions: (1) : Yes

  • questions: (2) : No

  • or will the DIN (or RCA) overun the other output? : It is RCA or DIN, not both.

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Thank you Thomas! Very instructive!

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And a third question: which burndy output on the PS555 should be connected to the nDAC burndy input?


I can’t remember which one but only one of the sockets will accept the burndy, so you won’t be able to get it wrong. Enjoy the result as it’s quite amazing the lift it gives.

Use output 1 only. It is written behind.


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