nDac replacement

Hi, sorry if this has been discussed but is there a new model coming? Thanks

Probably not

I would say no

Wish there was though

Actually… there have been multiple new dacs since nDac. They just happen to have streamers built in. The world has moved to streaming and dacs without ethernet input are becoming rare. Any new streamerless dac that improves a Naim source would compete with their better streamers. A dac better than the ND555 makes little sense considering Naim doesn’t make suitable cd transports. What exactly is the use case for a new Naim streamerless dac?

Curious about how you would use this type of dac.

Ok so you would suggest a streamer?. I always thought dac in the nDac was superior (because I read this) to the integrated dac in the streamers? Not so you think?

Pretty sure most people would find the ND555 better than nDac. At this point I’d only consider a streaming dac. My NDX was recently sold and I’d only used it as a transport since 2014 and haven’t heard any of the new range. I have been listening to the new Atom HE streamer and it sounds better than I remember the NDX. It would be disappointing if Naim couldn’t create a better dac after a decade.

Never heard the nDac but some here preferred it to NDS. Just comes down to personal preference.

I might be wrong here but I’m sure I read somewhere on this forum that the dac chip in the nDAC is the same as what is used in the ND555

No doubt someone will come back saying rubbish :flushed:

I use the Naim Core with the nDAC - lovely combo

It is the same chip, but with a different implementation.

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