Ndac update

Hello everybody.
can someone help me understand the procedure of updating the ndac chin?
I know there is also a procedure to see which firmware is installed.
thank you very much to everyone

It’s worth reading through this.

ok thanks I’ll try to read…

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There’s also a way to check the firmware version if you have an iPod/iPhone. You’ll have to scroll toward the bottom on the chain.

  1. Power up the nDac.
  2. Plug your iThing into the front panel ‘USB’ port - you have to make sure that the iThing is “docked” (press the dock button if it isn’t)
  3. On the iThingy, go to Settings/General/About and scroll down a bit until you see Naim Dac. click on that and you’ll see the firmware revision - latest is 4.11.8.
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it is important to disconnect the power cable from the dac and the power supply for a few minutes, the time to empty the dac buffer. Before proceeding with the update.

ok thanks a lot I’ll try to do it

Let us know how you get on @tarantina5555. I’ve owned one from new so It’s about time I did the update too :smile:

Hello @tarantina5555. I did the upgrade last night. Very easy and the process was straightforward. Have you had the chance to do the firmware upgrade yet? need a hand?

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