It seems a shame to ask, as I only recently got an nDAC/XPS, but even after searching/reviewing prior threads, I need to ask:

nDAC with XPS or NDS with XPS? The nDAC/XPS is brilliant sounding, and it seems as if opinion is split on which plays music better, which to me at least suggests they’re comparable while slightly different sounding.

The NDS has the added benefit of adding streaming, something I don’t currently do, being CD based. I note that the NDS has a BNC input, and so would be able to continue CD replay. An NDS is probably about $2K above what I could reasonably sell the nDAC for.

Worth it?

Yes, I read that thread, and others, hence writing "even after searching/reviewing prior threads, I need to ask . . . "

DAC/XPS2 was, and I expect still is a superb combination at its price point. Even better with a 555PS. The price might be steep but to my ears it was a compelling proposition. The DAC/555PS is miles behind the NDS/555PS for musical communication. Again, according to my ears. Yours may differ. I can’t comment on the NDS/XPS2 because I only used the NDS with the 555PS. I think the NDS is the second best DAC that money can presently buy. And somewhat of a bargain.


The NDS/XPS DR is a formidable source, I used an NDS with the XPS for almost a year. I haven’t compared to the NDAC but I would suspect that @Harry is bang on with his assessment.

Changing the XPS DR to 555DR moved it considerably forward again, so there’s an upgrade path there for you beyond the change to NDS.

I’d urge you to embrace streaming though and take the opportunity to move away from CD replay. Depending on what you have this may free some cash up!

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