NDS 4.7, 4.6 and 4.4 firmware

When 4.6 was released I tried it on my active system and didn’t like it. Have just tried 4.7 with the same result.

To me it sounds like someone has pressed a loudness button as bass is more apparent. Treble seems dampened to me.

Is it possible to go back to 4.4?

Yes you can go back to 4.4 if you really want to. You will need to download it from Naim’s website. It is there - I just checked.



Sometimes time is needed to let things adjust and settle. If you had beautiful bass textures before then maybe not.


Brings back memories of the times spent beta testing the NDS/X firmware.
It seemed at the time that NDX users tended to all agree what was liked or disliked whereas the changes invariably split the NDS users.
Having gone thru the many beta’s of 4.4 & 4.6, I saved the ones I liked & a while back tried a few again long after beta testing finished, I still prefer the current 4.7 on my NDX.

Yes, agreed regarding giving it time. I’ve used it for about a week. Feels like some of the beautiful detail that I used to get via the S1 pre is missing. FLACs via my NAS drive now sound similar to Tidal hifi, while before the NAS sounded superior.

Not suggesting anyone else is wrong if they prefer it as it is of course subjective.

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Well it only takes about ten minutes to hook up and install a firmware version in an NDS, so give 4.4 another go. Anyway I hope you get your beautiful detail back.



I preferred personally the little more crisp sound with 4.6 vs 4.4 on Nds.
Have not done 4.7 as it gives nothing more on sound quality.

Indeed, it’s not a particularly arduous task once you’ve done it several times. I still have the 4.4 firmware so don’t even need to download it.

Makes me wonder what ND555 sounds like. It is like NDS 4.4 FW on steroids or NDS 4.6/4.7 FW on steroids.

Going for a demo would be rather difficult at present!

Well you have a very revealing system! I hope you get your NDS firmware sorted one way or another.


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