NDS a little asleep in the morning

Hi, it happens sometimes that my NDS is a little asleep in the morning.
after sometime it is not active, for some times does not recognize the media server on the NAS and it takes a while. if I switch on the radio or use it with digital input, in 10 minutes it wakes up and works well. does it happen to anybody? do you think might be an issue of the NDS or the NAS? thanks

It’s probably got the autumn blues!

Happened(s) with my NDX on rare occasion(s). Network issues I think; that, or like me, it’s getting old…

It takes time for my NAS to download all the CDs ripped before working properly. It’s fine if I navigate on the NDS itself. Using the Naim Focal app takes a bit more time. Everyone says its network issues. Why does Sonos work straightaway? Always seem to have a problem with Naim and not my other devices. Why is this? Someone please sort this out. Excuse is normally legacy streamers and you need Bubble or Roon. Tidal doesn’t work. Just spotify, my NAS after a warm up and iradio. I am finding aspects of the NDS very frustrating and always have done. Have thought about using NDS as DAC and getting an ND5XS2 but I am not sure I have confidence in the brand.

I use the Nds too and have no problems. Streaming locally from my Melco Nas. However haven’t tried if Tidal works or not. But have not paid for Tidal since a while.

Tidal works perfectly on my NDS.
I think it’s as you say maybe an issue of the NAS, as the app itself works.
anyhow I also added a second streamer, connected with a coax Naim DC1 to the NDS and use it when I have issues, keeping in these cases NDS as dac only and I have to say the difference is present but not huge, I took a bluesound node 2i, as streamer only is perfect and reads everything fast as is straight connected to the public folder of the NAS, does not need an external server program to read files on NAS

My NDS works perfectly as a UPnP endpoint via a Bridge to Roon.

Roon now gives me real-time metadata on the tracks played on the Radio stations I listen to, and some of these are in Lossless FLAC.

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