NDS and ReadyNAS Duo V2

I’ve been thinking of getting a dedicated music server (Audiostore or similar) or a NAS set-up to serve my NDS for local streaming, but, reading through the forum for general guidance has been a real adventure…to say the least :smile:

I have been offered by a friend (free), a Netgear ReadyNAS Duo V2. What I want to know from all the esteemed contributors on here, is whether it’s worth my while, and how to set it up to work with the NDS, (Simon-from-suffolk).

I use an Audiostore product, but next time I intend to build my own and run Roon.

When I first had a NAS the music server software was Twonky; whilst it was fine there are better options. I use Minimserver as an alternative on the Audiostore server and Asset on my backup NAS.

Asset is easy to setup, Minim is a bit more of a hassle. Both are seen by the Naim app.

Thank you. I’m currently using Asset on my PC streaming wirelessly to the NDS (Far from ideal but, okish atm). I just wonder if it’s worth my while using the Duo…

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Maybe @Mike-B can have an opinion.

Worth a try as it’s free … and if not it’s a backup storage option for your music.

QNAP and Synology seem to be the preferred NAS here unless you’re going the boutique route. I’ve never heard of Netgear ReadyNAS.

I don’t have much experience with Netgear ReadyNAS, it was a long time ago.
I’ve heard they are reliable & robust, but not sure if it will work with Asset UPnP or Minimserver software. If it can I would be happy to at least try it (it is free done & ssid all)
The only ReadyNAS user (current or ex) on the forum that I know of is @Simon-in-Suffolk,


The Netgear ReadyNAS units are very reliable albeit quite simple compared to the QNAP and Synology units. We have a couple for backup purposes.

They will not run Asset or Minimserver.

They do come with a simple media server which can be pressed into use for UPNP purposes. Like most of the UPNP servers that come with NAS drives the software is quite simple and primitive so you have little control over its configuration, e.g. the browse tree etc.

Some units will also run Plex which can be used as a UPNP server.

It will do for starters and you can always move to something better and use the Netgear for backup duties as @Camphuw has already suggested.

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You’re right about Simon. He is the only one commenting here on using the Netgear with NAIM.


Well is SiS is using it it’s probably good.

There is a small problem with ReadyNAS, you need a browser that supports TLS 1.0 to access the admin setup page.

I have one of original Duo’s and it’s been very reliable, and as others have stated can’t be loaded with Asset or anything else and the upnp software on it is pretty basic.

Have relegated it to backup duties now and gone Raspberry Pi with Asset

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Thanks, Graham

Indeed. :grinning:. I only have a lowly ReadyNAS02 , but on UPnP I find it sounds superb with Naim streamers with its inbuilt rather basic UPnP music server.
I did look to and see why it should sound so good… even dishing out FLAC. I did notice there some interesting interframe timing consistencies that seemed to outperform every other UPnP server on many different platforms I tried.
I can’t confirm categorically it is this that makes it sound so good… but it was something that seemed to specific to that NAS out of the ones I tried… and it did sound better than anything else when originating http media streams

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No problem here with my venerable RN02 (ReadyNAS) - it handshakes TLS1.2 on the admin page, running firmware 6.10.8

TLS 1.1 and 1.0 are old and deprecated now, but I believe OSX and iOS still support them


Mines the RND2000V1.
I have an old iMac mini with an ancient version of Firefox on to access it when required.

The one my friend is giving me is the Duo V2. I think the 02 is a replacement for that model. Is it easy to set up for streaming on the NDS?

Yes - go to Shares - click on the Share with your music on - you will see a window pop up - this is my ‘Music’ share:

Enable DLNA in the share under Network Access - select what media you want it to index and serve - and that’s it, it should within a few seconds be visible in your Naim app. It has to be the world’s simplest UPnP server… so yes not configurable - but works really well - and sounds fab.

I don’t know if the DuoV2 works the same way.

I’m collecting the Duo next week. I may have to ask you for some help on this page.