NDS + AQ Diamond/Vodka

Currently I have NDS+555DR streamer + full loom Meicord Opal streaming cables.
I could buy AQ Diamond and/or Vodka at nice price on second hand market . Are these real improvement over Meicord or just some side step ? Also some higher end Chord cables seem to be available.
What is your experience with these gadgets ?

Cables are much like other pieces of hifi, very subjective. I use Vodka on my switch to nd555 and like it…but many others will feel different. If its a good price, try, if you do not like them, sell them on and hopefully get most or all of your money back.

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I had meicord ethernet leads and replaced them with audioquest vodka. The difference was very clear to hear so the vodkas have stayed and the meicords have been moved on.

I had Vodkas for a few years. Then I tried Blue Jeans cables for about a 20th of the price and preferred them, so the Vodkas were sold. If you like what you have I’d stick with it.

Exactly — the beauty of buying second-hand for a good price, it can be an extended home-demo without pressure to make a quick-ish decision… And still a bargain when the “home-demo” goes well… :grinning:

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I use Chord Sarum t ethernet cable direct from Melco N10 to ND555 very good cable but expensive

I had the Meicord, and now the Diamond. For me it was a real uplift, having much of everything.
The Meicord sounds softer vs the Vodka, but the vodka is more involving, with more body and bass. However, added to a Cisco switch, it’s a bit too forward.

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