NDS Burndies

Would a standard XPS2 Burndy, that I’m currently using between an nDAC and the XPS, work on an NDS?

I ask because I often see NDS for sale without a burndy so did the NDS normally come supplied with the twin burndy’s?

The NDS was available to buy when new both with and without the twin burndy cable set.

The standard SXPS Burndy is the correct one to use when powering the NDS using an XPS-DR (the 2nd Burndy socket on the NDS needs to have the Burndy blanking plug fitted in this scenario).

To power an NDS using both sockets from a 555PS however requires different Burndy cables to the SXPS.

(You mention both XPS and XPS2 in your post above. Note that Olive XPS power supplies where the serial number is below 188015 shouldn’t be used with an NDS if it’s an Olive XPS that you currently have)

I’ve always understood it was all Olive XPS PSUs. Was the above serial Olive?

This thread may help here:

Quite possibly - that serial number is quoted in the NDS Reference Manual

I remember Neil’s post now in Richard’s link. :slightly_smiling_face:

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No my XPS is not Olive

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