NDS Burndies

Can one of the 555PS burndies be used with an xps to power the NDS, or does the xps need a different burndy.

You will need an XPS or preferably an S-XPS Burndy cable to connect an XPS2 or XPS DR to an NDS.

Note that the earlier Olive XPS should not be used with the streamers.

Many thanks Richard

Am I correct in thinking that an olive XPS can be used with an nDAC?

I have a feeling I’ve asked this before…but can’t find the thread.

Yes, that’s fine.

Yes, I have an nDAC with an Olive XPS. It was a good upgrade :smiley:

Thanks chaps. By ‘eck this nDAC is good…in fact it’s bl00dy amazing.

I’ll try the XPS on it later on…after I’ve done the groceries, planted the tomatoes, change the cat litters…

Another question: RCA phonos or TOSLink - any thoughts on their respective merits (BNC not an option at the moment).

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My own experience offers up this order of priority;
BNC s/pdif
RCA Phono s/pdif…

…Toslink optical s/pdif.

Great. Didn’t know you had the XPS ready to go :smiley:

I found the XPS made it sound more analogue and provided more authority.

The XPS has been on my CDX. Which does of course leaves me with a bit of a dilemma…which unit will get the XPS…the CDX or the nDAC? Tricky question!

I’ve managed to find an old TOSLink cable so I’ll put that into input 1, the RCA is in input 3, and both are fed from my RPi3/IQAudio Digi.

So comparison testing this afternoon :), after I’ve planted the tomatoes, set the dinner going, gone to Waitrose, changed the cat litters…

I thought this (semi) retirement gig was supposed to be restful!


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