Nds burndys, same as nd555 burndys?

are the nds burndys same as nd555 burndys? i am not sure of that.

I have no experience here but i’m going to hazard a guess anyway:

If both units can power from the same PSUs and from the same sockets then (and i’m only logically speaking here as no one else has responded to this thread either), that answer is being a yes. Otherwise you would have to use different sockets with which no one else has mentioned?

I have found sometimes that even with my lesser gear you can just get ‘dud’ leads (they slip through the net), it matters not whether they have passed a QC continuity meter test or not. I suspect it’s more common than a lot of folks are aware of and who may often blame the kit intsead.

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I believe they are the same. I retained my Burndies when I switched from NDS to ND555, as they were well ‘run in’.

ok, good to know. Just curious why Stephan hears an improvement with the new burndys. He finds the sound more involving, with better prat and globally a bit better. But problem still not resolved.

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As above. They are interchangeable. I went with the new ones on the ND555 but the old NDS ones are the same. We didn’t bother to swap them when we home auditioned a ND555 before ordering.

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