NDS : continuing problems

I have had my NDS for about 5 months with these consistent problems. The SQ is fantastic but the user experience is awful. I use the Naim app.

  1. The track stops playing for now apparent reason from a queue

  2. Hi Res tracks are skipped or entire albums. I try and select them on the NDS rather than the app with the same result… I turn off the NDS and then it plays the track/album without problem. It may then not find a different Hi Res file and I have to restart again.

It would seem the higer the resolution the more likely this is to happen, I have quite a few 192Khz/24 files but do not feel the proiblem is limited to that.

The NDS is connected to the Synology NAS by ethernet.

Any ideas?

Synology NAS, Minimserver, NDS, 555PS, 52/supercap, 135s, Sonus Faber Olympica 1s

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What’s your network setup? e.g. ISP router, cables, switch etc?

I suspect its in Minimserver. I suggest run a re-index on the Minimserver, & while thats going on clear both the app cache’s.

The switch is a GS105, the router Asus RT AC87U, I haven’t a clue about the cables.

I have done a rescan which I guess is the re-index. I have cleared the apps image cache but I cannot find a second one??

The other cache is in Input Settings>UPnP>Clear UPnP Cache
OK with the rescan (reindex) but I’m no Minimserver expert so hopefully someone else can step up.

I think Guinless was asking how the cables are wired. With a basic switch-router the usual (the only) way is per the diagram. Ethernet%20Basic%20with%20Switch

OK, just wanted to check the cables are certified Cat5e or Cat6. It should say on the cable itself what type it is.

Yes that is the wiring and thanks…now that cache cleared as well

It is CAT 6

Also worth checking via Minimwatch that Minimserver is up to date. May not be the cause, but worth doing anyway.

What happens when you play the same tracks from a memory stick, plugged into the front USB port?

I am not sure how this helps as the tracks play perfectly some of the time and the occurance is random

The test was designed to eliminate the actual file quality from the equation.
If the tracks play well from a USB stick, that would imply:

  1. Network implementation issue - IP address assignment?
  2. UPnP server malfunctioning - least likely I think
  3. Streaming board in your NDS malfunctioning - not very likely, but possible

I would start with no 1 - a most likely culprit.


OK. But it is enitrely random and as I say the tracks play perfectly most of the time. I would have transfer my library on to the USB which is not possible

It it’s completely random then I would look very closely at the way your network is configured.

Could you please summarise it, noting down which component does the IP range assignment and in what way it is done?

HI there,

I wish I could answer your question but it is substantially above my know how!

All I can tell you is the switch is a Netgear GS105, the router Asus RT AC87U and a Synology NAS

Who configured your network then?
Could you describe how the components are connected to each other?


Also few ISPs support connections from Third Party routers so there must be a Virgin, BT, Sky etc router in there somehwere.

I did, as the diagram above .

I live in Sweden where it is no problem so there is no ISP router involves…thank goodness