NDS cutting out

NDS just stops every 13-15 mins when streaming (Tidal), radio, or UPnP. No problem when using as a DAC for external sources. Tried turning off and restarting (via 555PS). Seemed to help for a few hrs but reverted back. Any ideas?

Try using a USB stick to play from. If it also stops then you may need to do a factory reset.

Are you using a third party software to do this or you use native naim software for tidal and radio?

Native Naim.

Tx. Will try now.

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does it stop and show connecting? then loses connection for a bit on the app

I don’t think a factory reset is going to be needed. More likely what you should try first is a restart of your router and the NDS. Turn both off, let the router fully restart and then turn the NDS on again.

Tried. Cut out after 4 mins

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No loss of connection on the app. Just stopped and back at the beginning of the album.

Doing it now

Nope. Lasted 14mins

I suspect a hardware problem in the NDS. But it would be worth doing a factory reset at this stage.

Wired or wireless?


So it cuts out playing from a USB stick? And if you stream anything? But it’s ok if you feed it with a digital input.

It’s sounding like a NDS streamer hardware fault to me.


Missed this update. That eliminates a faulty network cable then.

Now done the factory reset. Will let you know. Thank you all for your input

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Still cutting out after 14-16 mins.
Not sure if it’s worth the money sending it for repair - old platform etc. Not keen on spending 17,000+ on ND555. Thoughts?

You should speak to Naim first before considering any other options. I understand it is frustrating.

Yes I agree, talk to Naim support. If I were replacing it, I would go for a New Classic streamer NSS333. I suspect the ND555’s days are numbered anyway.

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