NDS Firmware Future Proof?

As a long time lurker on the forums I have resisted getting a streamer for sometime.
I now find myself looking at the various options open to me and have been struck by the drop in price of the NDS and comparable power supplies. Considering that this was the Reference piece of kit until 2018 when it was discontinued can anybody clarify what the situation is with future Firmware & software updates?
I’ve struggled to find an official announcement, and would appreciate info on the subject.

For local streaming it’s fine. For Tidal, Spotify and iRadio you’ll probably be OK. For anything else you will need to use workarounds that are unsupported and may or may not continue to work.

I don’t think it’s being supported any more, so with that no updates going forward.
But sure someone will be along to answer your question 100%

The NDS platform is stable, only having one Firmware update in the last 2-years or so.
My model, a late 2015 model, purchased in 2016, has not drop a beat since it replaced a ND5XS. Same with the 555DR (an older 2009 model, that was DR’ed & recapped 2013 ) that replaced a NP5XS.

I have extended the functionality of the NDS by using a UPnP Bridge to extend the NDS as a Roon Endpoint, allowing it to serve in a Roon system, which has enhanced Tidal support, Qobuz support, enhanced Internet Radio support, support for formats outside 24/192 or DSD64 for the very small number of DXD, DSD128, DSD256 recording I have, and MQA (to the 1st unfold up to 24/96) support, along with the better Interface, Metadata management, multi-device support that Roon provides.

A 2nd hand NDS/555DR combo, with a UPnP Bridge, NUC for Roon ROCK is a good-value solution to reference level system.

Effectively you are making the NDS future-proofed through the use of the Roon software, which is subject to major and minor updates and commodity hardware (in an off-the-shelf NUC) to provide the Internet Streaming support and format support.


I believe this is incorrect.

Naim have just a few weeks ago issued new firmware for the NDS and other green screen streamers and Unitis. This was a major undertaking as Steve explained in detail in an earlier post. I would be very surprised if that was the last firmware update Naim issue for the NDS.

But as ChrisSU said, all Naim can do is support what the NDS etc can currently do. There isn’t spare memory or processing power in the old platform to add new services.

Steve’s post is here:


It’s a serious high end streamer and works wonderfully with Tidal.

If you get three years out of it, and I’m sure you’ll get more, and if it’s worth nothing after, which it won’t be, I’d still take a bet it’s one of the best £ for £ high end streamers out there.

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It is an older design and will be limited to some extent by the hardware on which it runs but for local streaming should still be excellent. It will however be affected by changes beyond Naim’s control when streaming services change their APIs as it may or may not be possible to update firmware to comply. Other services/features may simply not be realistic due to older platform hardware limitations which could never know what might be needed several years down the line.

My understanding is that Naim will attempt to keep firmware software/services as current as possible provided the hardware is good enough to support changes or enhancements. There are compromises in that new features cannot always be added.

Even the current streamers can’t be regarded as futureproof just more likely to be functional when inevitable changes at the streaming service providers’ end happen.

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As David had posted above, Naim continue to support the earlier platform (as used by the NDS) with updates where necessary, but can’t develop it further by adding new services.

Thank you everyone for your replies. I will continue to look at the options.

On a slight tangent, I find that buying used high end hifi saves a fortune. While you have to be selective, looking for mint condition items it is an excellent way to save thousands once the next generation or must have gadget arrives on the the shelves.


So apart from that, it was easy? :rofl:

Kudos to Naim for doing it.


Hi Richard, I have been also using an NDS for many years now, and wondered why the streaming board cannot be upgraded?
I think many owners would pay a nice sum to bring their front ends up-to-date from a functionality perspective (Roon, Chromecast, whatnot).
I recognize it may require serious investment from Naim, but the brand loyalty increase may be worth it in the long run.

AFAIK the ND555 is a new and improved architecture, with many changes, not just an NDS with a new streaming board. I would guess that it would be very costly exercise and would likely make no financial sense.


I agree with Richard, there are many changes to the internal components and layout, so it would not be a simple case of slotting in a different board.

Generally I think Naim are probably the last HiFi manufacturer who would ever consider a modular approach to their designs that would make this approach feasible. They pay a huge amount of attention to internal layout of components, even down to the way that internal cabling is routed and fixed in place.

If all you want is updated functionality there are cheap easy workarounds that will give you access to Roon, Qobuz etc without the need for major surgery.


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