NDS & HDX set up

About to be a new owner of a pre-loved NDS.

Currently have HDX 1TB HDD , and I stream iRadio and my saved CD rips from HDX to n-DAC by 75Ohm digital out HDX to n-DAC.

I am after some advice on the way ahead to set them up. Thinking about going Ethernet out from my HDX to Ethernet in on the NDS and connect WIFi on NDS for iRadio and NDS set up.

Or I can still have the Ethernet connected to the HDX and just connect via S/PDIF 75Ohm digital out from HDX to 75Ohm digital input in NDS and then connect to my router by the NDS WiFI for iRadio and NDS set up etc.

However I think the Ethernet connection is the best quality, sound wise, between HDX / NDS , correct ?

Ideally the HDX should have 2x Ethernet out/in and I could link everything up this way.

I read both set up manuals twice and these 2 options is about the best I can do (I think…).


I went from HDX to NDS and I am not sure why you want to keep both. The cheaper and simpler solution would be to put the HDX database on to an ethernet attached NAS and use that from here onwards for future downloads ripped by something like dbPoweramp on a PC. You can sell the hDX then

The NAS does your backups if you have 2HDD and the NDS will do all the playback functionality of the HDX including iRadio via the ethernet connection to your router/switch. WiFi not needed except on the network for your app if you are using this.

Hope that makes sense. I am guessing you could attach the NDS and an HDX wired on the network to a switch at the same time if you need both, for example in different rooms.

Note you’ll need to consider what format you want files if you do decide to just set up a NAS database. Lots on here about that. The HDX does have a tool to change everything to FLAC which I used as it is better for preserving metadata. Again lots of advice around that here so just keep asking.


I would give the NDS a wired connection as the old generation streamers do not have the best WiFi performance. Check that it has up to date firmware to ensure that you get the full range of functions, including the BBC HLS radio stations which the HDX doesn’t support.
If necessary, put a switch somewhere near your rack if it’s not close to your router, if it makes cable runs simpler. You should connect both devices to your network, not to each other directly.
Using an SPDIF connection will probably sound just as good, but you would need to keep switching from N-Serve to select music, to the Naim app to control the streamer, volume etc. Also, both boxes still need a network connection, so the SPDIF coax cable is extra clutter behind your rack.

I have a LAN router in the same room with 4x LAN connectors. One is being used now for my HDX, so you say connect one more from my NDS for iRadio and system set up etc. and just use 75ohm S/PDIF on HDX to NDS to access my ripped music on its HDD ?
Excuse my ignorance, IT is not my thing… It’s it possible or even advisable to send my HDX HDD rips output via Ethernet cable, through my router, then router to my NDS ? Can I set this up via my NDS set up menu ?


Just to clarify-why do you want to use both NDS and HDX?

You can still use the HDX as a CD ripper and storage device but won’t be using the rest of the functionality-hence my suggestion you just get a NAS and rip to it from a PC. In your system the HDX will basically have become an expensive HDD.

In terms of connecting; if you do keep both them just connect the NDS and HDX to two LAN ports of the router with an Ethernet cable for each. The NDS will be able to use the HDX HDD and the UpNP server on the HDX will allow the NDS to play those files. You don’t need to join to each other directly, just have them on the same network.

In theory both could be used for iRadio once on the network but I’m assuming you won’t have outputs from the HDX going into your pre-amps any more so that will be redundant.

With a network connection your NDS should automatically find the music on your HDX via the UPnP input. Just navigate it via the Naim app or the remote/front panel display.

Bruce , I just wont get a decent price on my HDX if I sell it. Might as well keep it until it dies. Thank you all for your tips. I’ll get another Ethernet cable and connect it to my router and see how it goes.

Still trying to get my head around this should sound as good, if not better, than the digital out of my HDX via the 75 ohm S/PDIF and the DC1 cable, that cost a pretty penny mind you.

Keeping your HDX is the right decision, and even if it starts going flaky, then Naim will do a complete service for a cost of £395, which, in my case, included replacing a 2 Tb hard drive, a new CD mechanism, a new screen, replacing several capacitors and re-installing the software, which I thought was something of a bargain.

All the advice to bin it and replace it with a NAS makes no sense to me, as mine performed admirably for a while as my main source, and I couldn’t see the point of getting rid, particularly as it makes ripping, and nowadays, serving to my streamer, such a doddle.

I agree with Dave. HDX should be like having a Melco or Innuos box albeit without the dedicated streamer port. I would be well worthwhile trying the BNC you use to nDAC at some point.

FWIW, I’m a diehard for nDAC + 555DR. I have an Innuos Zenith Mk 2 doing a similar job to HDX.


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