NDS loosing network

Good morning! I have an issue with my network or some sort of connection between the NDS the network.

The NDS is connected to the router a Netgear r7000 via cable and yet it often has lost it’s network when I sit down to listen. My regular routine is then to restart the script for squeeze-to-upnp. Have the NDS look for network. Reboot Nighthawk. Restart 555.

I use Roon but when the network connection is gone neither Roon nor the Naim app is able to find the NDS.

I always manage to get it going but am now wondering why this happens so often. Please help me search for the problem?

All the best

A bit more detail would be useful. What is Roon running on, how is it all connected. All wired Ethernet etc. Has it always done this or have you changed something recently and it’s started happening??

Roon is running on a MacBook on Wi-Fi. It feels like it’s been more stable before but it’s never been particularly stable. Nothing has been changed recently.

I would start with using a wired connection between MacBook and router and see if that helps. I’d avoid using wireless on a device acting as a Core.

Thank you! Unfortunately I’d need an adapter since the MacBook doesn’t have en ethernet connection

USB to Ethernet adapters are cheap, I would just get one and try it. I’m not so sure it will solve your issue completely, those Nighthawk routers seem to crop up quite regularly here when it comes to network problems.
I use Roon on a MacBook too, and it generally works fine over WiFi, certainly if I’m just playing to a single device, but the adapter is better when I can be bothered to use it.

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Worth having a look at the Roon advice here


For the R7000 they recommend disabling the “Enable Smart Connect” setting.

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If the Nighthawk has problems which router should one opt for?

Router recommendations depend on what you require – coverage etc. Mesh systems are recommended. Quite a few threads on here so worth doing a search.

I’d simplify it and do something like the network diagram below (From @Mike-B)

Put the NDS and Macbook (running as Roon Core) and any network attached storage on a separate switch, you’ll need the adapter to hardwire the Mac . Keep the Netgear for router function / wireless connectivity. Lots of recommendations for switches from simple Netgear GS 5 port devices up to mega money ‘Audiophile’ switches. The much recommended Cisco 2960 works well and is what I use at the centre of my network.



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