NDS noise

I’m not sure if I’m paranoid…I will explain.

I received my NDS yesterday. I was very careful to remove the 4 transit screws from underneath the player. But whilst carrying it over to the rack, I could hear things moving from inside…like the bits knocking against each other. Now, I’ve moved my 552 (with similar spring setup) but can’t ever remember hearing the same knocking sound. Is it possible something could be wrong?

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Fairly certain that what your hearing is normal. My ND555 does the same as you describe.


Yes as JS says……fairly normal, just sit back and enjoy.

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It’s best if you can avoid carrying around the NDS without the transit bolts in place.


What are you changing from?

Please post your impressions.

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It’s the mass-loaded suspension system - essentially the PCBs are attached to heavy plates that are then softly sprung from pillars attached to the chassis tray. If you move it around with the locking bolts removed then the PCBs and plates will wobble around and make lots of worrying noises as things rattle as they touch. The bolts should only be removed one the NDS is in place - it can be done with by one person but often an extra pair of hands from someone else can make things a lot less fiddly!


Come on Richard, we have all balanced expensive Naim boxes on the side of the sofa and crawled underneath to fiddle with transit screws - greeting help would be just wrong!


Yes one person removing the transit bolts and the other looking at a spirit level to make sure the deviation w.r.t. the local vertical is kept within 1 degree🤣



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Should be fine. When I take the NDS off the Fraim to do a full clean I just lift it carefully and place it on the carpet. I dont put transit bolts on to move it 6 feet from me. Just keep it steady and level and FFS don’t drop it :rofl: :rofl:


I use a light but rigid support to remove my NDS transit bolts, an IKEA Lack coffee table. Most hifi enthusiasts will have one of these in their toolkit. Doing it in place on my rack would be interesting (even with an extra pair of hands) as I only have access to the front. Let’s be honest, we have to do what we have to do. Just make sure it is done carefully.

A friend of mine had an NDS on home demo. After a day or two he rang the dealer and said that surprisingly he wasn’t finding it an improvement over his NDX. The dealer said “You did remove the transit screws I suppose?..”

“Transit screws? Ah….”


This is normal in my experience. I take the transit bolts at the last possible point, but always struggle to lift it into place without a hearing few metallic knocks from inside - it’s a heavy unit!

I had a similar experience when i forgot to remove the transit screws from a friends CDS that i had for a while… quite an unbelievable difference.

Thank goodness :grinning:

Thanks for the assurance, guys.

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