NDS Screen not lighting up

I recently bought a pre-owned NDS from a reputable dealer. Got home, connected it up to my XPS-2 PS DR and the screen didn’t light up. On my NDX it pretty much lit up straight away as it booted.

Does anyone know if there could be an alternative reason for this to happen outside of it just being a faulty screen?

Is the NDS powering up at all? I take it the burndy plug is in ‘input 2’ ?

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Also does the NDS appear in the Naim app when you think it’s powered up?

It is powering up, you can see the control buttons are backlit. The burndy is plugged into Input 1 as detailed in the manual, is this wrong?

I’ve been unable to get into the settings menu to connect with my home network, so it doesn’t appear in the app.

Also the burndy is connected in the correct orientation.

XPS burndy into input 1 is correct. Burndy link plug in input 2.
Can you hard wire to the network?
What age is the XPS?

As has been asked already - have you plugged the link plug in?

I suspect you gave been sold a dud. Those screens are prone to failure, and yours has probably reached the end of its life. Ask your dealer for a repair or refund.
That’s assuming the Burndy and link plug are connected correctly.

Another one for link plug?

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Yes, it’s plugged into input 2

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The NDS will connect automatically if you plug an Ethernet cable into it (with the other end into your modem or a switch).

Also regardless of anything else, when you turn on the mains power to your XPS, the NDS screen should show the ”splash screen” , that is the big NDS graphic, for a few seconds before it goes dark. If it doesn’t show this, then your screen is for sure faulty.

Yeah, unfortunately it sounds as though it’s going to have to be returned

I lived with an NDS (without a screen) for many years coping with network recognition and firmware updates.

The screen does go quickly one day it was there the next day it was blank.

But in this case strange if it is the case that the NDS is not showing up on the network or naim app.

I believe the OP wanted to use WiFi, but he can’t set that up as he hasn’t got a working screen, hence my suggestion of using Ethernet instead.


Should not be a problem, to get this looked at - and fixed… :expressionless:

Please - contact the reputable dealer.


Thanks Dave,

The dealer has arranged for me to send it to Naim to let them have a look at it.

While waiting for the repair, I plugged my old NDX in and listened to it for the first time connected to the XPS2 PS DR - Wow!, the difference is night and day. I just can’t wait for the NDS is returned.


Thanks Andy. The only change to the settings is the primary analogue out. Maybe I should have used the DIN.

Well hopefully Naim will sort it out and you can enjoy your NDS before too long.

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