NDS sounding ‘off’

Hi all,
Was listening via the lp12 tonight, all wonderful as usual. Switched to the NDS and immediately something was wrong. Sound was thin and lacking, in, well, almost everything. The NDS and lp12 are usually neck and neck in terms of SQ. Switxhed black to the lp12, all wonderful again. Mmmmm. Shut down the NDS, Core, router and switch, waited a few minutes and powered back on. Much better. Still not ‘right’, but getting there. The NDS was serviced a few months ago and since coming back from Salisbury has been superb. As I say, usually neck and neck with the lp12 and in some ways (noise floor e.t.c) exceeds it. What could of gone wrong? I was listening to a ripped CD via the Core, everything is wired and the buffer level at the NDS was full strength. I’m one of those who think that for digital, it’s all 1’s and 0’s and that as long as they work, cables, switched, routers are all much of a muchness, but this has got me wondering.

Cannot suggest an answer as to why your NDS might have suddenly gone “off” but glad the reboot helped a little

Might I ask what age your NDS is …as you obviously decided it was ready for a service, as mine is 2012 and must be coming up for a holiday at Salisbury and I’m not sure mine is showing any signs of needing it

Any pointers as to what to look for and when you knew yours was ready would be great

Also, might be an idea to remove the interconnect cable, distress it and dress it again. If your using super lumina then this can make a big difference.


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Maybe you just realized that: NDS < LP12


@Einstein - the OP has already addressed your general theory of relativity.


Sometimes the initial impression is proved to be quite false.


Hi, when the screen dims to unreadability, which I’m afraid it inevitably will.
Still doesn’t sound right, so I’ve ordered a new network switch. Mine is cheap n’cheerful Amazon basics, we will see what an ‘audiophile’(!) one does. If it makes a difference then I will have to confess to my Wife that I am indeed a Chinaman!

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AHH so nothing to do with sound going off…it was the display then

Mine is still nice and bright…but I have always had it set to 10 seconds only… in fact I’d like to have it completely off…but not possible

I guess as the power supply is totally separate…then there is no heat source and not many hard working components in it?

Perhaps Richard knows the recommended service interval ? @Richard.Dane

Service interval for the NDS? I don’t know - best for Naim to advise here.

when I have experienced this with similar components i check interconnects, cable dressing, support, mains leads etc - as these can affect the sound to loose its sparkle… I have found with higher end when you get it sounding right for you - it doesn’t always need much to knock it off top spot.
If after all these - a service is probably then required - it might be a decoupling capacitor has failed or some such thing.

Echo what Simon says. For me when I experience the system sounding “off” my first point of call is to check if any cables are touching one another or the floor.
Always seems to be the culprit and I now have a real ear for picking up on it.

Well blow me down with a feather, clever Trevor. It was the network switch. Only thing I’ve done is to replace mine with one from Chord. Problem not only fixed, it now sounds better than before. This has confounded all I thought I knew about digital!


What I don’t get is how “The NDS and lp12 are usually neck and neck in terms of SQ”

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Why not?

I am apparently missing something, but I understand that at the beginning you had the NDS connected to the Core in whatever way, I suppose a bog-standard switch, and the NDS and the LP12 were neck and neck. Then the NDS was serviced and came back and it was superb after this for a considerable time, still neck and neck essentially. Then one evening it suddenly sounded off, then you rebooted etc. and it was better but not fixed. A day or two later youd changed the switch to the EE and suddenly everything was fine and better than before.

I stumble because how can it be that it was neck and neck at the very beginning with the old switch, when it was the EE that fixed everything? I don’t doubt that the EE made it better, as you are probably aware from the EE thread, but based on my understanding of the story it could not have been the root cause, because it had sounded superb without the EE before the whole trouble started.

Appreciate if you could clarify where I am going wrong

I agree, it seems not very clear for me too.

Components fail, as my net gear had.

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Oh it failed? OK that makes sense though I didn’t see it mentioned, but maybe a new Netgear would have sounded just as good as or at least close to the EE then. (Well give me time until everything has settled and I will put my working TP-Link back in, instead of my EE. At the moment, after a whole year of constant tinkering, I just don’t feel like it)

By the way, at least for units where servicing is essential (such as the regulated amps/PSes, for which you mentioned recently in another post that it is very important that the actual amp and its duplication in the regulator are in spec), the manuals really should give explicit instructions. There is nothing in them and frankly customers shouldn’t have to guess, try to piece info together from forum posts, or rely on the not always reliable or consistent info from dealers/distributors.

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