NDS streaming via UPNP does not work

Hi there,

As of today I own an NDS streamer with a 555PS.

I have to admit that I didn’t deal with streaming til now.

The integration into the network is done. The router (AVM 7590) sees the device. A repeater bridge is currently being built, LAN will come later. The NDS is connected to a repeater (AVM 1750e) via LAN cable.

Web radio works, but I am unable to stream from the QNAP NAS. The DLNA server has been started in the QNAP, the media library and music station are online. The music station recognizes the NDS as a UPNP device.

However, the NDS only sees two PCs which media streaming is enabled, it does not see the QNAP. I dont know if that is important.

Foobar (Win 10) also recognizes the NDS. But no stream to the NDS either. However, the VLC media player does not see the NDS.

Maybe someone has an idea how the data gets to the streamer?

Thx in advance

If the NDS doesn’t see the Qnap it will not work. I would download a copy of Asset onto the Qnap - there is a free trial to get you going, or just pay for it. It’s the best UPnP server for Qnap. Turn off the music station. Point Asset at your music store. It should then work.

This is a bit of a fiddle but once set up it should carry on with very little intervention.

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Thank you very much for your comment.

I installed the Prog, but unfortunately it was not a solution. The NDS only sees the PCs and not the NAS.

Windows 10 recognizes the NDS as an audio device, but again, no data about Foobar or VLC to streamer. There is only one exception. Right click on a song in the QNAP directory and “Send to device” offers the NDS as a playback device. It actually works. The MS media player is started as a mini version and the song is streamed. Additional songs can then be added via drag & drop.
It is fun, however, when this mini player is closed, the music continues to play. The player only stops when the computer is restarted.

Are you controlling it from the naim app?

Is your QNAP on the same network?
Using the naim app to control it?
Which component assigns the IP addresses of the networked devices?

Well, thanks guys.

Since I started streaming without any background, it was very difficult to find the solution. The first thing I had hidden was that the QNAP only allowed certain IP addresses. I had forgotten to allow that of the NDS. After the music server started on the QNAP, the NDS also saw the NAS. Foobar is currently able to stream music from the NAS on the PC.

The NDS blew me away completely. On the first day when he played properly, over 12 hours of music, sometimes really really loud. Now it’s switched on for five days and is doing better every day. I’m really excited …

As an intermediate step, I had installed bubbleupnp on a tablet, but also the Naim app. It is enough for me to stream music from NAS via Foobar and listen to the radio via the Naim app.

Even if there are two repeaters and thus two WiFi lines between NDS and QNAP, the result is incredibly musical.

The QNAP will soon be installed near the NDS with a CISCO switch. Ethernet cables are also used then. But first the 555PS will be updated to /DR.

All the time I wonder where the NDS is playing why I haven’t taken this step long time ago. Similar to the /DR upgrade that did my 552 incredibly well.

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Bring the thread up again …

I am currently dealing with another problem. Briefly about configuration. The NDS streams music from a QNAP. The individual pieces of music are stored on the corresponding orders. In the same order as on the CD.
If foobar200 streams from the NAS to the NDS, the music are played in the correct order. Starting from the Naim app, the order on the QNAP is not used, but it is played alphabetically.
How can I change this?

Are you using Asset on the Qnap? It’s a good idea to get a copy and use that. You should not then get the problem.

I think he is using Foobar2000 not Asset, HH…


Is your Metadata correct? There’s a reason why people keep recommending Asset.

Thanks for your answer.

I installed Asset some time ago based on the recommendation, but it didn’t solve my problem at that time as you can read above. I find the handling of Asset very hard to get used to. How can the program solve a problem that obviously only occurs with the Naim app?

Had uninstalled Asset again. I am concerned with the comparison. The correct order is played via Foobar, not via the Naim app.

In general, the app seems very shaky to me. Sometimes the streamer is seen immediately, sometimes it is searched for. Currently no web radio available, but streaming from the server is ok. That matter is very strange.

Most of my collection is tagged by Mp3tag, should be ok then…

The important bit is that the ‘track number’ tags are correctly set, this is easily checked in MP3Tag. The Naim app streams the tracks in the order that it receives them from the Media Server unless you have shuffle enabled.

The streamer not being seen is a network issue with IGMP, it’s not an App fault.

Thx Guinnless

Dont know about IGMP. BubbleUpnp that I used before did not have this problem on the same tablet.

Most of my digital collection is tagged with MP3Tag, should be ok then.

Even the QNAP Mediaplayer plays correct order. For any reason the Naim App not. Shuffle is disabled. The order of music in the Naim app differs from the order of the files in QNAP.

The problem is not the app. Get asset working on the Qnap and use that. Check that the metadata track numbers are correct.

Just to keep you up to date. The NDS has been exchanged for cosmetic reasons. Since then, although this is hardly imaginable, the listing of the Naim app (QNAP server) is now displayed and played in the correct order. Nothing has been changed on the QNAP. Its own music station is still running.

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