NDS/Tidal - can't cope with the glitching anymore

I’m not familiar with NAS devices. So Bubble controls streaming of Tidal/Qubuz to a NAS which stores a certain amount of data and then streams to NDS to resolve buffering issues. Have I go that right?

Any recommendations for a NAS?

You dont even need a NAS a Raspberry Pi4 would work.

I’ve been very happy with my QNAP NAS but it seems like overkill if you just need to get bubblesoft going. A solid state Raspberry Pi would likely be an easier lift. Unless you’re wanting a NAS for other reasons like storage of your music files or other non hifi items.

I have no issues with streaming Tidal to my NDS, through Roon and a SonoreUPnP Bridge to the NDS.
Has been faultless playback for at least the last 5-years.

This setup just using the Ethernet input on the NDS using UPnP processing of WAV files, which the NDS was designed and optimized to do. In a pure Naim world it would be feed by a UnitiServe UPnP server.
The Roon Core does all the heavy lifting in terms of format processing, dealing with Tidal and Qobuz, plus local libraries, all with meta-data enrichment and a UX interface miles better than the Naim app.
Plus the ability to use with other hardware around the house etc, and now with Roon ARC while out and about away from the home network.

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You can always breath new life into an older streamer for not much money with something like an Ifi Zen Stream (don’t use the bundled PSU though). The digital out is good and the cost even better. Use the NDS native for local NAS streaming and the NDS fronted by the Zen Stream for anything web streamed.

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I’ve also had issues with native Tidal on my 272 and more recently on my NDS.

Current workaround is Qobuz / Audirvana via a dedicated Mac Mini. Clear uplift in SQ vs. Tidal, but obviously extra hardware required plus an Audirvana subscription – which itself is prone to minor glitches, and not really worth an annual fee IMO.

The new Innuos Pulse looks like a possible solution…

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Sorry to hear of your dropout woes Stu. I’m always surprised to hear of this from NDS owners, as I have an NDS with Israeli power supplies and I’ve had maybe one dropout in 3 years. It’s just rock-solid.
I’m a natural analyser and have been trying to isolate what may be the cause of this for some folks, but there are too many variables. The NDS sounds fabulous btw, but I look forward to hearing it with the proper PS.
Mine is a 2017 model, and again, I haven’t even got the Naim PS555 yet. I have always had a very fast and very stable internet source/provider. And for about a year now, full fibre right to the modem.
Simon swears that these attributes have no effect on sound quality or dropouts, but one does wonder …
Just my experiences.
Best of luck.
Btw, I stream Tidal, and it goes thru a Cisco 2960 direct from the modem. All BJC Cat6 cables.


I think setting bubbleUPnP up would probably resolve this, though as you describe the problem it seems to have become progressively worse over time, and that might point to issues bubble cannot solve. Have you tried temporarily putting the node in front of the NDS? Feeding the NDS with digital out from it? And also feeding the node’s analogue output into the system the NDS feeds? Those two options might help narrow this down to an issue with the NDS and buffering/transcoding, and raise the likelihood that a bubble UPnP based solution will resolve it for you

We just moved from Virgin due to broadband often not working, to BT and their smarthub 2. We have a 40 metre ethernet run to an outbuilding my daughter uses as a bedroom. It terminated at a switch/wifi hub……she could not get netflix to work and i had dropouts listening to Qobuz. The house alarm guy called in who installed the cable…….he removed the wifi hub and plugged straight into the TV. Sorted no glitches in the house and daughter has netflix………so we presume the wifi hub had become faulty despite all the lights working etc. These internet systems can be so tetchy?

Thanks all, only just read your replies. I’ll need to read through it all slowly tomorrow because I’m not familiar with the terminology, the devices being suggested, and how it all fits together in the network. Bear with me, but many thanks it’s much appreciated.

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OK so as I understand it hardware-wise I’m going to need a server or a separate transport.

The server would be a PC/laptop etc.

A separate transport could be something like a Bluesound Node 2.

Does that sound right?

I don’t want any more hardware on my rack but I could position any new hardware with my router which is a few metres away on separate furniture.

A transport sounds better to me because I won’t have to keep a PC/laptop permanently on or keep logging it in.

Does this also sound right? Sorry I really struggle with the technical aspect.

Your Bluesound Node would effectively be a ‘bridge’ to Tidal (and the internet) for your NDS.

You would connect the Node into an NDS digital input and stream wirelessly to the Node from your router (unless running an Ethernet cable), using the NDS as a DAC. So unless you have a long digital cable it would still need to be near the NDS.

This is how I use my NP5 streamer into my NDX.

I think you need to resolve the problem you have with Tidal streaming first rather than chucking money about. You could end up in a similar situation but with less money in the bank :thinking:

I’ve just re-enabled Tidal on my ND5XS and I’m listening to an Amy Winehouse album, all ok so far (except the sound quality) :grimacing:

My network is similar to yours - BT hub to Cisco (gigabit) and an uplink from there to a 2960 fast ethernet. No Voodoo cables :slightly_smiling_face:

If you can resolve your issue then I’d recommend either Bubble Server or Room - I’m speaking from experience here and the SQ on Bubble is the same as Room i.e streets ahead of the Naim app!

I’m now 5 tracks into Amy Winehouse - Lioness…


It’s all working flawlessly tonight. So frustrating! Tidal works perfectly on my Bluesound. Whenever it plays up on my NDS I can switch over to radio, Radio Paradise usually, and it plays seamlessly.

Enjoy Amy :beers:

Jean Michel Jarre here tonight

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Amy played all the way to the end with no drop outs :+1:

Back on Roon now (phew!) listening to Thelonius Monk - Straight no Chaser :slightly_smiling_face:

The refinement and lack of grittiness compared to the native app is fantastic :musical_keyboard:


Drops out are quite rare for me. It’s when I want to select a new track and it just says “Can’t Play” on the NDS screen :rage:

Edit: and I swear the second I posted that it dropped out. Now the app is showing ‘No rooms found’ :rage: :rage: :rage:

Powered down the 555DR suppling the NDS for a few secs and powered back up. The app finds it straight away. It has to be the NDS playing up surely?

Aah, this may well be a WiFi issue. Do you have any WiFi repeaters or extenders?

No none. The NDS is hard wired into the router via a Cisco 2960.

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The Raspberry Pi option would be preferable to the PC imo. They are inexpensive and don’t draw much for resources and can be deployed anywhere on your network so doesn’t need to be close to the hifi unless you prefer it that way, it’s small so shouldn’t matter too much. Install bubblesoft on the RPi and you’re good. Otherwise you’re looking at a Node or similar to bypass the NDS streamer.

Thanks. How do I connect/control the Pi? Can I do it via iPhone?