NDS/Tidal - can't cope with the glitching anymore

How are you running the Naim App - It should not affect SQ?

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You don’t really need to control it except for set up. You get the OS up and running. Install bubble soft and get the settings you want selected then just deploy it on your network. It shouldn’t require fussing with that I’m aware. I have a RPi4 but ended up not needing it b/c bubblesoft worked on my QNAP. As was mentioned Roon is an option but that’s a whole different undertaking that requires some commitment and learning. The RPi/bubblesoft or Node are going to be your easier options I think.

Long shot here but has the Cisco been factory reset?


You need to use Lumin on an iPhone to control Bubble. Bubble’s own App only runs on Android.

What hardware does the OS run on please?

The App itselft doesn’t affect SQ but the way Tidal works on a Naim streamer is different when using the Naim App (pull) compared to using Roon or Bubble (push). And this most definitely affects SQ.

Both Roon and Bubble essentially make internet streaming services ‘local’.

Yes I’ve had two factory reset 2960’s and same problems on both.

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Thanks. So once it’s all deployed can you still control tidal through the Naim app?

you have to use a different control app for Bubblesoft. I use the Linn App (Kazoo). It’s easy to use and often works better than the naim app. It works for Tidal and Qobuz.

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Btw, have you done the workarounds for native lossless radio streaming? If you haven’t, you can d/l the minimstreamer app so you can stream lossless radio (RP FLAC, JB Radio 2 FLAC, etc). You’d install that on the RPi as well and you’ll be able to stream lossless radio stations through UPNP as well. Or you can employ Kurt’s cloud solution for lossless through the iRadio input. You don’t need to d/l an app for Kurt’s solution but you’ll need to add his station urls to vTuner so you can pull them up in the Naim radio stations listing.

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Or just go Roon for
Better Tidal & Qobuz integrations
Better format support
Better Internet Radio
Better local file playback
Better interface

Get a UPnP bridge solution to then use the NDS via the Ethernet input instead of using the S/PDIF based digital input, which is subject to jitter.


I was going to post some similar :slightly_smiling_face:
The OP’s NDS and 555DR will sound fantastic and they won’t feel as if they are getting pushed towards an expensive ND555.

Doing the test on Tidal yesterday using the Naim App was hard work…:slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve read Roon has to be installed on a PC or laptop. Does this mean the PC or laptop has to be running to use the streamer?

And if I don’t want Roon, just a reliable Tidal connection, can I just simply add a bridge and continue to control Tidal via an app on my phone? Roon feels like it might be overkill given that I my only music source is Tidal.

Sorry for all the dum questions!


Yes,Roon needs a PC, laptop or dedicated box to run on.

It looks like the cheapest and most appropriate solution is to use Bubble UPnP, then only cost is a Raspberry Pi to run it on and no subscription. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes but that is true for any of the solutions with a bridge. A bridge is essentially a computer with software to bridge. I use a computer with bubble upnp and Roon core to get a stream in pcm (I think) which sounds better than flac which is the format used when using Naims own app and I believe also when using mconnect (an app). Mconnect is another way of streaming both Tidal and Qobuz without extra hardware.

I would suggest if the naim app is losing rooms then you need to look at sorting that out before a myriad other servers/streamers

Do you have an ethernet cable long enough to get directly from your NDS to the router, (Take the switch out the equation for now)

Is the ethernet cable a standard, compliant cable from a decent manufacturer such as Lindy or Excel?

After this I would seriously consider a good quality ADSL router from the likes of Draytek. Get the network as optimised as possible. Sorry but I have never found BT kit to be particularly good.


MConnect just sends FLAC without transcoding. The benefits of feeding the NDS WAV is not to be underestimated but the big jump is Bubble acting as a local stream.


I have had similar problems with TIDAL and gave up, mainly use NDS with NAS and internet radio. What’s a good bridge at a reasonable price? Sonore looks like it could be good. Is a Bluesound Node good enough or Primare NP5 Prisma to act as a bridge and then use the NDS as a DAC? Then I take it you don’t use the Naim app but software that comes with bridge.

Is there another solution. I started investigating all the internet stuff but Sonos works fine and everything else does. Just found Naim NDS using Tidal didn’t work, was glitchy and then the dreaded message Can’t Play came up.

Ideally would want to get a bridge as reasonably priced as possible. Is there anything else out there?

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I have a blue jeans ethernet cable directly into NDS. I was without the switch for a while when my last one died and problems were the same connecting directly into the hub. Tried wi-fi and still the same.

Tidal on my Blusound and everything else in the house works fine, as does radio on the NDS with Naim app. I’m convinced it’s NDS/Tidal related.

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